1. Chinese blast Microsoft over 'black screen' piracy notice

    "First of all, Microsoft antipiracy [has the] wrong focus," said Liu Peng in a post to the Sina.com portal, according to a machine translation of the entry. ...
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    1. Microsoft&aposs measure will cause serious functional damage to users&apos computers and, according to China&aposs criminal law, the company can stand accused of breaching and hacking into computer systems of Chinese.
    2. A direct warning to the user cannot crack down on piracy, but in China, this method of time is not ripe.
    3. I respect the right of Microsoft to protect its intellectual property, but it is taking on the wrong target with wrong measures.
    4. It seems like they don&apost know how [the WGA Notifications update] is deployed. It&aposs only installed after you&aposve accepted the download.
    5. Odds are, this was probably not the first time you&aposve seen a [WGA] notification if you&aposre seeing it now.
    6. The authorities should take action to protect citizens&apos property and privacy rights.
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