1. The burgeoning business of helping people save

    The burgeoning business of helping people save By May 11 2017, 2:38pm EDT More in Print Reprints Share Share on I now know I’ll be able to retire when I’m 87. I know this because I signed up for a new app called Wela that uses account aggregation and artificial intelligence to analyze money coming in and going out of my accounts. It lets me know when my daily spending is out of line, and it tells me how I'm doing relative to my stated financial goals.

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    1. My credit score was really tarnished.
    2. They have a lot more issues, but they don't have the type of money or the time needed to get advice from traditional financial advisers.
    3. We want them to understand what that coffee means or what that next pair of shoes means for their retirement.
    4. That allows advisers to have more effective and fruitful conversations with their clients, but they're also shorter conversations, so they can have more relationships and more households under management.
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