1. Tax professionals expected to use AI more in the future

    Tax professionals expected to use AI more in the future By May 16 2017, 5:33pm H&R Block’s use of IBM’s Watson technology this past tax season is only one sign of the increasing involvement of artificial intelligence in tax preparation, with even Big Four firms like PricewaterhouseCoopers making major investments in AI for servicing their tax clients. PwC recently released a report on the use of AI and machine learning in tax analytics.

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    1. We're confident that we will be seeing a lot more of AI and the components of that technology applying to tax.
    2. In our tax practice we do a lot of value-added consulting and compliance.
    3. We have thousands and thousands of clients and decades of years of experience doing that.
    4. I know at PwC it's going to be an absolute reality that we will have elements of AI, whether that be machine learning, natural language processing or more predictive analytics across all aspects of our business.
    5. What has been missing in this industry for a long time, and what we're really focused on, is not just delivering a tax return but delivering the analytics associated with the tax return.
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