1. How Artificial Intelligence will impact professional writing

    How Artificial Intelligence will impact professional writing

    37 shares Professional writing isn’t easy. As a blogger, journalist or reporter, you have to meet several challenges to stay at the top of your trade. You have to stay up to date with the latest developments and at the same time write timely, compelling and unique content. The same goes for scientists, researchers and analysts and other professionals whose job involves a lot of writing. With the deluge of information being published on the web every day, things aren’t getting easier.

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    1. Although with PageRank, Google did a great job in organizing the web, it also created a web where keywords ruled over content.
    2. Since new semantic technologies are now mature enough to read human language, journalists and professional writers can finally go back to writing for people.
    3. The next revolution (which is already coming) is the leap from NLP to a subset of it called NLU (Natural Language Understanding).
    4. Currently, the web is a place where how-to articles, tutorials and guides are dominant.
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