1. Nfl Uk and Givemesport Announce 'Record-Breaking' Video Content Series

    Nfl Uk and Givemesport Announce 'Record-Breaking' Video Content Series

    Nachrichtenquelle: Marketwired | 05.06.2017, 13:30 | 79 | 0 | 0 TORONTO, ONTARIO and LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - June 5, 2017) - Breaking Data Corp. (TSX:BKD)(OTCQB:BKDCF) (the "Company" or "BKD") is pleased to announce that GIVEMESPORT and NFL UK are working together to develop an original content series themed around attempts at Guinness World Records.

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    1. We are looking at ways of growing our audience globally, and the kind of digital content that GIVEMESPORT is able to produce is a great way to take the excitement and energy of our sport to a new and younger fanbase.
    2. We're seeing increased receptiveness for richer and longer formats and this creates the opportunity to build new social video series. We have a deep understanding of how fans want to consume content and will work with NFL UK to create the best experience for the audience.
    3. Too many publishers are either trying to shoehorn TV or even cinema production into social and gaining very little traction, or on the opposite end of the scale, are entirely dependent on recycled, interchangeable
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