1. LexisNexis Announces Acquisition of Ravel Law

    June 08, 2017 at 14:07 PM EDT LexisNexis Announces Acquisition of Ravel Law PRWeb LexisNexis(R) Legal & Professional , part of information and analytics provider RELX Group, today announced its acquisition of Ravel Law , a legal research, analytics and visualization platform that empowers users to contextualize and interpret vast amounts of information to uncover valuable insights.

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    1. To be successful in today's competitive legal environment, lawyers need to make faster, more informed decisions, based on data that is incorporated into their natural workflow.
    2. LexisNexis is truly leading the development of the field of Legal Analytics--through our content, tools, and engineering expertise.
    3. The Ravel Law team is excited to join LexisNexis for many reasons, chief among them is that we share a vision for the role of technology in the practice of law in which innovative, highly effective and easy to use tools help lawyers make data driven decisions.
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