1. Publishers Team Up in Fight Against Google, Facebook | Digital - AdAge

    Publishers Team Up in Fight Against Google, Facebook | Digital - AdAge

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    1. Publishers are under tremendous pressure from marketers to deliver scale so they can compete with Google and Facebook.
    2. If you're targeting in a cookie-free environment based on first-party data you are actually getting individuals rather than cookies.
    3. We are bringing some very unique first-party data to marketers.
    4. The goal is to drive incremental revenue to business units so they can capture budgets that they would have otherwise missed out on because they didn't have a data capability as deep as this.
    5. Keywords are often processed without context.
    6. Advertisers can speak to Americans in a trusted environment at scale and with authenticity.
    7. Facebook and Google are core, unavoidable pieces of the digital landscape, and they feature a user-curated, social element.
    8. Facebook hasn't provided a buying platform to access independent publishers with transparency or control over price.
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