1. Startups abound, healthcare no more a distant dream

    Startups abound, healthcare no more a distant dream

    Megha.Mandavia@timesgroup.com Mumbai: A hospital run by a small, century-old Advaita Ashrama on the India-China border is surrounded by the Himalayas on three sides. It has no permanent staff and doctors though some doctors volunteer around the year spending a few weeks at a time. In case of emergency, the residents in the periphery of the village have to rush to Haridwar - about a day's journey. Not anymore.

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    1. The interesting thing is none of us are doctors. We are using latest technology to make a meaningful intervention. The common man could be in the most unreachable corner of India – a forest in Chhattisgarh or inside a salt pan land.
    2. There are doctors, specialist coming through mobile, video, face-to-face video conferencing and so on. They need APIs (application programming interface) to connect the information to do them and review it. They need analytics, image recognition and natural language processing.
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