1. How Artificial Intelligence Could Save Humanity

    How Artificial Intelligence Could Save Humanity

    Share P icture this — It’s the year 2100 and our worst dystopian fears have come true. The Earth is in shambles. Society is rife with poverty and inequality. You can hop across the Pacific on floating patches of plastic. As if that wasn’t bad enough, machines have gained consciousness and superintelligence, and — against our will — they’ve taken over the world.

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    1. The winning team used computer vision and machine learning technology similar to what's used for facial recognition.
    2. If we had tried this ten years ago, we would not have been able to do it.
    3. We're not doing this to replace people.
    4. The way we produce food right now is very resource intensive, and the resources that are available are being used up.
    5. The hypothesis is, if we have this situation in which we can understand each other better, that kind of naturally leaps in an emergent way to more peaceful relations overall.
    6. The basic idea is to use a device like a smartphone, whatever we have at hand, and it could say.
    7. Hopefully decision makers of the future would be using these tools since they were children.
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