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    Flipkart's data plan | Forbes India

    Work in Progress Flipkart's data plan The ecommerce major is gearing up with big-data analytics and deep learning to know its customers like open books. Speech recognition may not be far behind Most Popular I'm the Technology Editor at Forbes India and I love writing about all things tech. Explaining the big picture, where tech meets business and society, is what drives me. I don't get to do that every day, but I live for those well-crafted stories, written simply, sans jargon.

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    1. That means personalised experience. That is the holy grail.
    2. We are going to even out the field there. That includes Indic language awareness.
    3. There's been a lot of academic work in speech technology in India, but not so much in actually building systems.
    4. World over, companies are in the early stages of applying AI and ML in ecommerce. Many players are investing in those technologies to improve business performance and customer experience.
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