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    Why would the company synonymous with modern, simple online surveys want to fundamentally change the way its surveys work and overhaul how its underlying platform functions? Why fix what isn't broken? The answer, according to SurveyMonkey President Tom Hale, is because the data revolution and a tectonic user shift toward mobile have changed the rules of the game. "When we started tackling online surveys, it was a desktop world," said Hale. "The metaphors of survey taking were paper and a pencil.

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    1. When we started tackling online surveys, it was a desktop world.
    2. Companies are awash in data right now.
    3. We're investing heavily to make sure SurveyMonkey is woven into the entertprise fabric.
    4. Choose your country, region, basic demographics like age and gender, more advanced demographics like race, education, religion, marital status, employment, etc., and businesses can launch a survey to the SurveyMonkey website for select respondents that will start gathering demographics data in real time.
    5. The scale of the data we're collecting, and the categorization and automation engine we have processing it gives us the ability to slice that data in fundamentally different ways.
    6. Then we expose that in your survey creation experience with Genius.
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