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    Why AI still has a ways to go in wealth management By July 16 2017, 10:25pm EDT More in Is artificial intelligence software mature enough for the investment industry? Jeff McMillan, chief analytics and data officer at Morgan Stanley, has some doubts. Wealth managers need to provide accurate, specific advice about clients' portfolios, he pointed out. And artificial intelligence isn’t reliable enough to provide consistent insights right now, he said at the InVest conference in New York last week.

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    1. If you ask Alexa for a song and she gives you the wrong one, it's not a big deal.
    2. That's how human knowledge is largely transferred in an organization, even today.
    3. I'd rather have curated intelligence.
    4. You're effectively tagging content, because people don't write in the way that NLP is coded.
    5. Demanding that I learn a structured way to articulate that so the system understands is just more burden, more complexity.
    6. I think we'll get there, we're just not there yet.
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