1. Facebook faces pitfalls in quest to filter hate speech

    Facebook faces pitfalls in quest to filter hate speech

    Last month, Kate Hansen woke up in her home on Vancouver Island and started going about her routine, which included a check-in with Facebook. She was stumped to find that she could no longer post anything or read any messages. Hansen, 40, had a pretty good idea that her account suspension was because of one of two posts. The first was related to a comment expressing her opposition to Facebook recently suspending the accounts of other lesbians for using the word “dyke” on the social network.

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    1. We removed the post … because it doesn't follow the Facebook Community Standards.
    2. We demand that Facebook determine if any of their employees responsible for judging user content are showing a bias against women and lesbians.
    3. Workers are often under extreme productivity metrics that quite literally only allow them 10 seconds to deal with a particular case.
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