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    When it comes to protecting consumer privacy, Americans in general trust financial institutions less than they did a year ago and tech firms more, according to a new survey that lists American Express as No. 1 for the third year in a row. Auction ...
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    1. It's a matter of perception versus reality. There should be a correlation.
    2. Around 10,000 customers will be invited to opt into the trial when they commence their browsing session.
    3. We can't go into the technical issues; they are confidential between us and Phorm.
    4. In parallel, we have continued to explore network-based options.
    5. We don't see how an opt-in system can work when one adult in a house can opt in on behalf of another adult or children in the house, or children can opt in on behalf of their parents.
    6. Over the course of several months, the people at FIPR have expressed concerns and virtually all of them have turned out to be unfounded.
    7. There is a pattern that people become more confident through engagement with the technology, including the (Commission).
    8. In some cases it was an improper security of data and longer retention than was allowed on their servers.
    9. We do want to make it reasonably easy for the kid in the dorm room to create an app and have it spread virally throughout the network.
    10. If there's a security defect on that server the data could be exposed.
    11. We think we have good security measures in place such that we don't necessarily need to say that everything has to be run on our servers in order to deliver a good and consistent user experience.
    12. There are hundreds of Facebook apps every day and they won't be able to audit all of them.
    13. Their privacy policies need to be as strict or stricter than Facebook's.
    14. I have to give credit to Facebook for trying, but I think it's a very difficult problem to solve and make everybody happy at the same time.
    15. I would place the blame or responsibility on the browser vendors.
    16. This is something that is really, really needed.
    17. Any (extreme) steps to lock down the development environment would cut down the number of apps and may devalue the platform.
    18. We're creating a data economy, where you can get data from a seller to a buyer as long as they meet privacy rules and make the payment. Our job is to set the rules, ensure payment, and guarantee some notion of quality.
    19. We need to stop trading data in the shadows.
    20. The behavioral targeting problem is when you rely on context, like someone reading about travel so you assume they're going to book a ticket somewhere, whereas if they go to a travel site, they book something. You know more than Google does about that potential travel.
    21. It's already a large opportunity but the Holy Grail is if it becomes something consumers buy into. If they think of it as something they care about and view it as something improving their Internet experience, then you're entrenched.
    22. In the original DoubleClick model, when they were targeting people based on preference without knowing who they are, we thought that was great. But of course the model changed very quickly, and Internet ads started to link names with cookies.
    23. And if there's commercial value I think it should be shared with the individual.
    24. It isn't just a privacy issue; it is a trespassing issue, with their own photos as evidence.
    25. Our policy is to not drive on private land.
    26. Today's satellite-image technology means that...complete privacy does not exist.
    27. It was intended to be partly in jest and partly irony...I was trying to suggest that we really have entered a period when things are a lot less private. Think of the ease with which photos and videos can be taken, digitized, shipped around on the Internet, posted on YouTube or its equivalent.
    28. You'll see us integrating that with Wikipedia articles.
    29. We think that tech, natural-language processing, is going to be a very critical way for us to improve relevance further, at scale.
    30. These are the domains where we have domain-specific task-oriented
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