1. Soul searching at big banks as quants clamor for data

    Soul searching at big banks as quants clamor for data Published August 08 2017, 11:10am EDT More in Print Share Share on The insatiable demand for unique market data is putting banks in a tricky situation. Quantitative investors, starved for trading signals that can be spun into gold, are pressuring the finance firms they work with to grant them access to proprietary information. It's easy to see why.

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    1. The buy-side has been after this data for a long time, but now the drive is getting even more pervasive across the entire industry as everything gets arbitraged away.
    2. We understand why clients would be interested in this data, but we're extraordinarily sensitive to all of our client concerns about what is appropriate to share.
    3. There are certainly banks giving some data, but getting down to security level detail is something we usually don't see.
    4. There's become this fascination with data for the sake of data.
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