1. Can Government Keep Up with Artificial Intelligence?

    Can Government Keep Up with Artificial Intelligence?

    Share When Amazon first debuted same-day delivery service in Boston, it seemed a promising alternative to poorly-stocked, overpriced, or low-quality supermarkets in neighborhoods like Roxbury. But the service didn’t extend there, despite delivering to residents on all sides of Roxbury. Amazon was assailed for overlooking the comparatively lower-income Boston neighborhood, and the company, in its defense, said customer data and delivery logistics played into the decision.

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    1. There is no possible way to have some omnibus AI law.
    2. If we don't have an edge in AI, we are not well positioned to make policy around it.
    3. The current administration is not necessarily hostile to artificial intelligence, it's just that it's not as planful.
    4. Government needs to make the effort to make sure they have the people and the processes in place to be well informed about the state of technology and where it's going.
    5. Expertise is absolutely the first step.
    6. Today, federal agencies, states, and courts tackle AI piecemeal. This has some advantages, including making room for experimentation. But some argue we should coordinate our response. And I personally argue that we need a government repository of expertise.
    7. The private sector will need to step up.
    8. You need both government-led and industry-led initiatives, and both are happening.
    9. AI can be transparent and analyzable in a way that is unlike decisions made in a human brain.
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