1. 14 B2B startups make it to Microsoft Accelerator’s 11th cohort

    14 B2B startups make it to Microsoft Accelerator’s 11th cohort

    Flipboard Banking on India’s entrepreneurial energy, the tech giant aims to help late-stage startups enhance their enterprise readiness and go-to-market (GTM) activities. Since its launch in 2012, Microsoft Accelerator has shifted its focus from incubation to late-stage go-to-market focus. The programme, after five years and 10 batches, has accelerated 129 startups so far.

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    1. With continued efforts to increase collaboration between startups and corporates, the programme will help these startups scale up with partnerships.
    2. All the startups have a strong vector of disruption and all of them are on the cloud. Apart from B2B and global, they have an in depth knowledge of problem-solving.
    3. We have brought in some unique strengths and apart from connecting with partners across the globe, we hope to achieve much more. Together, Microsoft and the startups will approach customers and help solve their problems.
    4. Digitising, transforming and analysing content is our fundamental service.
    5. Regulations keep changing in the banking sector and there is a need to analyse the impact of regulatory change on business operations of the bank and communicate to users on a need-to-know basis.
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