1. MTBC Kicks Off National talkEHR Advertising Campaign SOMERSE

    MTBC Kicks Off National talkEHR Advertising Campaign SOMERSET, NJ--(Marketwired - Aug 29, 2017) - MTBC (NASDAQ: MTBC) (NASDAQ: MTBCP), a leading provider of mHealth and cloud-based clinical and practice management solutions, today announced the start of an initial marketing campaign for its next-generation, voice-enabled electronic health records (EHR) solution, talkEHRâ„¢.

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    1. We will be contacting approximately 1,600,000 physicians, in conjunction with Medical Economics and Physicians Practice, two prestigious resources.
    2. We continue to enhance the artificial intelligence capabilities of talkEHR, based on recommendations of the first physicians who started using talkEHR over the last few months.
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