1. Microsoft’s artificial intelligence programme WISE goes global

    Microsoft’s artificial intelligence programme WISE goes global

    NEW DELHI: Artificial intelligence is the flavour for Microsoft’s campus programme for Indian women engineers this year. Encouraged by the success of the programme — Women in Software Engineering ( WISE ) — started in India in 2014, the American software company is now planning to take this programme global.

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    1. Considering the impact of outcomes of the programme in India, our mentor team is looking forward to take this programme beyond India — starting with a pilot in Africa.
    2. To provide an edge to this year's learning, we have introduced bots as a part of the deep learning module to expose young women to disruptive technologies, making the programme even more robust.
    3. Even the rookie coders turn out to be confident and skilled after the implementation of the entire software development lifecycle after their enrolment.
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