1. Text Iq Launches the Inevitable With Fortune 100 Executives

    Text Iq Launches the Inevitable With Fortune 100 Executives

    16:00 PM EDT TEXT IQ Launches the Inevitable With Fortune 100 Executives Exclusive Summit Explores AI's Inevitable Role in Preventing Legal and Compliance Disasters NEW YORK Text IQ is a cutting-edge technology company that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and people to prevent legal and compliance disasters across industry sectors.

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    1. AI is inevitably and fundamentally changing the way businesses function.
    2. The Inevitable was born out of the understanding that when humans and machines work together, they work better. Artificial intelligence is improving daily, allowing legal, compliance, and executive teams to make sophisticated, extraordinary leaps forward in legal and compliance disaster prevention.
    3. Despite an array of computer-assisted tools companies today still must hire armies of human reviewers to weed through minute details found in millions of digital files.
    4. Text IQ Ā brings the power of AI to the difficult legal and compliance issues of big organizations. Moreover, Text IQ's founders are committed to the responsible implementation of AI the legal and compliance arena.
    5. Today's summit highlighted a lot of important challenges that our society is facing, which wouldn't be possible to solve without the leaders in this room coming together to have an open, honest discussion about the very real future that is quickly approaching.
    6. The Inevitable is about something much bigger than Text IQ, and we are looking forward to continuing the discussion at The Inevitable 2.0 in 2018. This is only the beginning.
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