1. Apple Explains It’s Making Siri Smart Without Endangering User Privacy

    Apple Explains It’s Making Siri Smart Without Endangering User Privacy

    I wake up and put on my Apple Watch, and while I’m making coffee, I look down and see that traffic could be gnarly on the way to work, so I move a little quicker. I also see a reminder of a late-morning meeting, then a mid-afternoon flight down to L.A. As I leave the house, I glance down and see that the weather will be clear and sunny. At the airport, my boarding pass will show up on my wrist.

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    1. With the software update coming this fall, users will experience even more Siri functionality, and in the years to come it will be ever more integral to the core user experience on all of our platforms.
    2. They are erring on the side of privacy by doing a lot on the device, and not so much in the cloud as other people do.
    3. Hey Siri, find all photos of my wife from September.
    4. Your device is incredibly powerful, and it's even more powerful with each generation.
    5. We leave out identifiers to avoid tying utterances to specific users, so we can do a lot of machine learning and a lot of things in the cloud without having to know that it came from [the user].
    6. Because Apple is keeping the personal information within the protection of its own device.
    7. Companies often invent technologies and it's like they have a hammer and then try to find a nail.
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