1. How Ithaka is ensuring that travel planning need no longer be sweat

    How Ithaka is ensuring that travel planning need no longer be sweat

    Flipboard Mumbai-based travel tech startup makes planning for holidays to Thailand and Indonesia as easy as chatting with a bot named ‘Sparrow.’ Planning a holiday is often a painstaking and time-consuming affair. From initial research and chats with friends and family to learn about their experiences to getting down to the nitty-gritties of trip planning like bookings and drawing up a checklist of must-do and must-see things, it can be a lot of work.

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    1. While we were trying to market our bookings business, we figured that there was a huge demand in terms of real-time help for travellers in their journey. Hence, we ventured in with the 100 percent chat-based assistance model.
    2. I backpacked across Southeast Asia for two and a half months -- Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia. During my trip, it dawned on me that this was all I really wanted to do -- travel.
    3. We do not sell package tours. We help you plan an amazing trip for yourself, and are always one text away from anything you need in destination.
    4. We are focused on SE Asia right now because of its potential and horrendously unorganised travel sector. We want to be the method in this madness.
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