1. Hackers Have Already Started To Weaponise Artificial Intelligence

    Hackers Have Already Started To Weaponise Artificial Intelligence

    Tweet Illustration: Sam Woolley/Gizmodo Last year, two data scientists from security firm ZeroFOX conducted an experiment to see who was better at getting Twitter users to click on malicious links, humans or an artificial intelligence. The researchers taught an AI to study the behaviour of social network users, and then design and implement its own phishing bait.

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    1. Hackers have been using artificial intelligence as a weapon for quite some time.
    2. What does strike me as a bit odd is that 62 per cent of infosec professionals are making an AI prediction.
    3. The term AI is often misconstrued, with many people thinking of Terminator robots trying to hunt down John Connor — but that's not what AI is.
    4. Artificial intelligence can be used to mine large amounts of public domain and social network data to extract personally identifiable information like date of birth, gender, location, telephone numbers, email addresses, and so on, which can be used for hacking [a person's] accounts.
    5. I don't think AI has quite yet become a standard part of the toolbox of the bad guys.
    6. For security experts, this is Big Data problem — we're dealing with tons of data — more than a single human could possibly produce.
    7. AI techniques are being used today by defenders to look for patterns — the antivirus companies have been doing this for decades — and to do anomaly detection as a way to automatically detect if a system has been attacked and compromised.
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