1. Talent is crucial in taking the sector forward

    Talent is crucial in taking the sector forward

    Talent is crucial in taking the sector forward 1 2017-09-13 09:51 China Daily Editor: Liang Meichen ECNS App Download Young visitors interact with a robot at the 2017 World Robot Conference in Beijing themed "Win-Win Collaborative Innovation Toward the Building of an Intelligent Society". (Photo/China Daily by Wang Zhuangfei) China is beefing up efforts to attract highly-skilled professionals to work in AI as companies across the world scramble to get an edge in this cutting-edge field.

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    1. We are seeing significant government and private investment in AI across natural language processing, computer vision, speech recognition and data science.
    2. As a result, employers in the artificial intelligence space are becoming particularly competitive in their efforts to attract top people.
    3. China's AI talent (pool) is only half that of the United States, which may (hinder) future development of (the) AI industry (here).
    4. One of the reasons that China lags behind the US in AI is because it started much later
    5. Up until now, China has not established a system to cultivate talent in AI.
    6. For example, artificial intelligence science and technology have not been set up as a first-level discipline.
    7. We should work to develop an ecological chain in the AI field.
    8. But (doing this we can) transform and upgrade the whole industry.
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