1. Alibaba : Jack Ma Lays Out Hopes, Vision For Alibaba DAMO Academy

    The 21 century needs a 21-century approach to problem-solving, Jack Ma said Wednesday. Addressing a standing room-only crowd attending the opening session of 'The Computing Conference 2017,' the Alibaba Executive Chairman laid out his hopes and vision for the technology research academy announced minutes earlier by his Chief Technology Officer Jeff Zhang.

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    1. Without strong and abundant financial resources, it's hard to establish a research institute.
    2. Alibaba, now, at 18 years old, we have a lot of resources…and have about 56,000 young employees, and we have strong influence in the internet sector. We have accumulated experience, as well as trust and confidence from around 500 million consumers and users.
    3. Only by doing so will a research institute solve problems. For any organization, if they can't solve problems in society, they won't last long.
    4. In the past, China always followed the steps of the U.S. or Russia. Why can't China work its own path? We have the resources. With our technology and capital and responsibility, we can build a world-cass research institute.
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