1. Employees will book time off using Alexa-style devices

    Employees will book time off using Alexa-style devices

    In The Current Issue: Computer Weekly announces the Most Influential Women in UK IT 2017 Role models best way to increase diversity, says Most Influential Woman in UK IT 2017 Sherry Coutu How AI can aid, not replace, humans in recruitment Download Current Issue Within the next three years, workers will be using Alexa -style devices to book time off, update their addresses, and file their expenses.

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    1. So much of HR work is transactional, repeatable, auditable and documentable – that is what bots are great at.
    2. People are using artificial intelligence and bots all over the place today, whether it's Google maps or Waze, to make sure they don't run into traffic, or buying something from Amazon.
    3. You realise a lot of these things that I have been dealing with are important to HR, but they are not important when I think about employees and the managers working with us.
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