1. SPS Companies, Inc. Uses UltiPro Perception to Deliver Real-Time, Actionable Insight to Managers

    Nachrichtenquelle: Business Wire (engl.) | 25.10.2017, 20:00 | 72 | 0 | 0 Ultimate Software (Nasdaq: ULTI), a leading provider of human capital management (HCM) solutions in the cloud, announced today that SPS Companies, Inc. is using UltiPro Perception to inform leadership decisions that address employee sentiment and concerns.

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    1. The integration of UltiPro Perception into Ultimate's HCM solution provided us with a number of advantages.
    2. UltiPro Perception allows us to maintain strict employee confidentiality while also leveraging the organizational structure that already exists in UltiPro to track results and analyze data.
    3. Our benefits survey showed that our employees were unhappy with the large medical-plan deductible, and with that feedback, we identified an opportunity to offer a second plan with a lower deductible alongside our existing plan.
    4. Our business unit leaders were astonished by the high-quality look of UltiPro Perception and even more by how easy it was to quickly navigate from high-level results to detailed results.
    5. The integration of this industry-leading sentiment analysis tool into UltiPro makes the employee survey process easier for both HR and employees.
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