1. What life will be life when the computer disappears?

    What life will be life when the computer disappears?

    Want to try Alexa in your home? The Dot is on sale right now! (Photo: Amazon) CONNECT TWEET 1 LINKEDIN COMMENT EMAIL MORE What happens when the computers around you all but disappear? Tiny sensors built into walls, household products, what you're wearing, and perhaps your own body will make computers invisible to the eye, but responsive to a gesture, voice, and perhaps your movement as you walk into a room.

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    1. The interesting ones will be… the Ubers of the IoT and the ambient world.
    2. We still believe devices will play a huge part. They do certain tasks better than anything else, (and) provide a level of privacy, convenience and security that cannot be matched.
    3. If you have to think about charging something it becomes less habitual.
    4. I think ambient in the home is going to take a lot of different forms but it's going to be driven, especially for the next several years, around smart speakers and their extensions.
    5. So we can automatically do that logical programming for you in a way that the consumer is not burdened.
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