1. Foiling Cyber-Spies on Business Trips

    Foiling Cyber-Spies on Business Trips

    Foiling Cyberspies on Business Trips By JULIE WEED Photo Credit Michael Waraksa The admonitions to business travelers headed to other countries should be familiar by now: Keep your laptop with you at all times. Stay off public Wi-Fi networks. Don’t send unencrypted files over the internet. But not all travelers are heeding them, and many are unaware of the foreign hackers and state-sponsored spies who are taking advantage of their lax security practices.

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    1. It's not just a guy with headphones listening in the next room anymore.
    2. Your device could have been altered, your data could have been altered.
    3. That's why any information not absolutely required for a trip should remain at the office.
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