1. Artificial Intelligence Transforms the Future of Medicine

    Tuesday, November 14, 2017 | by Kim Krisberg, special to AAMCNews Artificial Intelligence Transforms the Future of Medicine Electronic health records (EHRs) weren’t originally designed to predict disease risk or determine a more precise treatment. But when combined with artificial intelligence (AI), EHR data could do both, transforming health care in the process.

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    1. We're at a point right now where doctors can't keep up with everything they need to know.
    2. Right now, we have all the data in one place, but it still has to be interpreted by a human.
    3. We're crowdsourcing clinician insight and intelligence.
    4. We think that it's probably the only system out there that can actually track clinical reasoning.
    5. The problem is we don't know why it's predicting things so well—it just is.
    6. Health is defined as the absence of disease, and diseases are defined by different symptoms. But it always seemed strange to me that we can't quantify health.
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