1. Love in Any Language

    Love in Any Language

    Because language barriers to romance are breaking down. By Jeanne Martinet The Daily Dose NOV 14 2017 You’re at a seaside café on the Italian Riviera . The morning sun sparkles on the water; the air is ambrosia. You notice a handsome stranger at the next table. You make eye contact. In a thrilling accent you can’t place, he comments on the weather being fine. His English is limited, but you smile at each other and exchange a few rudimentary remarks. He is from Cairo, on business.

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    1. Would you like to have a bath with me?
    2. With that, the couples were able to engage in real-time conversation online.
    3. In November 2016, Google introduced Neural Machine Translation.
    4. Language is culture-bound. This is something that Google Translate often fails to capture.
    5. We would have been lost without it.
    6. Sometimes it even says the opposite of what one intends.
    7. If you don't have a good internet connection, or you are in a loud café, you might run into noise and connectivity issues.
    8. The buds are my husband's dream for an early Christmas present.
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