1. Sustainability is key, says SCMP chief on Alibaba's acquisition

    Sustainability is key, says SCMP chief on Alibaba's acquisition ARNAZ M. KHAIRUL Tweet Share KUALA LUMPUR: Rather than question the effects on the independence of its newsroom following tech goliath Alibaba Group's acquisition of the 113-year-old South China Morning Post (SCMP), its chief executive officer Gary Liu believes it is about leveraging to remain sustainable.

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    1. Some say the newspaper industry is a sunset industry. We don't see it that way. We see it as an opportunity to use our technological expertise and digital assets to distribute news in a way that has never been done before.
    2. Our governance is set up in a way that ensures this separation, I feel very strongly that the sanctity of the news industry is actually very important for the maintenance of global peace, also for the education of multiple generations.
    3. They are certainly far ahead of us and it makes no sense trying to develop on our own, something that Alibaba has already built.
    4. NLP will allow users to discover and consume SCMP news content in a myriad of new ways, such as intelligent speakers (Google Home and Amazon Echo). It will also allow us to better understand the sentiments of the world through data analysis.
    5. Which are much faster and more accurate than us. This would allow our journalists, who are infinitely more valuable than machines, a limited resource, to focus on impact reporting, investigative, deep-dive journalism that elevates thought and understanding.
    6. Our mission is to lead the global conversation about China. We believe the world needs to understand China better, as generally there is a narrow understanding about the country.
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