1. Computer-Based Assessment: From Objective Tests to Automated Essay Grading. Now for Automated Essay Writing?

    Assessment of student learning is an important task undertaken by educators. However it can be time consuming and costly for humans to grade student work. Technology has been available to assist teachers in grading objective tests for several decades; however these true-false and multiple choice tests do not capture the deeper aspects of student learning. Essay writing can be used to assess this deeper learning, which includes a student’s ability to synthesize his/her thoughts, and argue for propositions. Automated essay grading systems are now starting to be used in the educational sector with some success. They can reduce ...
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    On 5/16/09 richie said:
    Technology does save essay grading time. I found a great essay grading resource that saves time. It uses Microsoft Word with canned comments in the Replace function. Students pay attention to the comments and have to revise accordingly. It's at http://penningtonpublishing.com/blog/grammar_mechanics/how-to-save-time-grading-essays/

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