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    1. Amazon Lex opens to developers

      Amazon Lex opens to developers

      Amazon has opened the technology which powers its Alexa voice assistant, Amazon Lex, to developers. Lex has been in preview since 2016, and will allow developers to include chat features in their apps. This is in support of Amazon’s vision of being able to control almost any software using voice commands. Text and voice queries sent to Lex, as with Alexa, will be used to train the artificial intelligence that powers the speech and natural language processing of the service.

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    2. Volkswagen and Mobvoi join forces for better AI in cars

      Volkswagen and Mobvoi join forces for better AI in cars

      Staff Writer 11 April 2017 1 shares Volkswagen and Mobvoi have joined forces to develop and implement artificial intelligence in cars. The joint venture will see Volkswagen Group committing an investment of $180 million to the project. The plan is to use Mobvoi’s voice recognition, natural language processing, and search technologies to “explore and provide the answer to the future of smart mobility”. The venture will develop products for a range of VW models, as well as other brands.

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    3. Skype Translator now available for calls to mobile

      Skype Translator now available for calls to mobile

      Skype Translator , which was previously only available for Skype-to-Skype calls, has been enabled for calls to mobiles and landlines. Skype Translator is a speech translation application , with support for English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, and Russian. Skype Translator was built on developments in deep neural networks for speech recognition and Microsoft Translator’s statistical machine translation technology.

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    4. Google opens Assistant’s developer platform

      Google opens Assistant’s developer platform

      Google has opened its Assistant’s developer platform , which means developers can now build Conversation Actions for Google Home. Developers can also request to become an early-access partner for upcoming platform features. Google Assistant is a personal assistant developed by Google, which can engage in conversations. “The Google Assistant brings together all of the technology and smarts we’ve been building for years, from the Knowledge Graph to Natural Language Processing,” said Google.

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    5. Infosys invests Rs14.5 crore in Danish artificial intelligence start-up

      Infosys invests Rs14.5 crore in Danish artificial intelligence start-up

      Bengaluru: Infosys Ltd has invested 14.92 millon Danish krone (Rs14.5 crore) from its “innovation fund” in UNSILO, a Danish artificial intelligence start-up focused on advanced text analysis. The deal comes at a time when companies around the globe, including Infosys clients, are trying to find better ways to make sense of a large amount of unstructured text. UNSILO uses a unique combination of machine-learning and natural language processing to analyse large quantities of text.

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    6. Taking a Deep Learning dive with The Fifth Elephant

      Taking a Deep Learning dive with The Fifth Elephant

      Last Modified: Mon, Jun 27 2016. 09 11 PM IST Taking a Deep Learning dive with The Fifth Elephant when Google Inc recently announced that their algorithms could not only ‘see’ a dog but also identify it as a Pomeranian, it heralded the maturity of Deep Learning techniques Subscribe to our newsletter. Staff Writer Deep Learning is based on concepts and algorithms that were discovered decades ago.

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