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    1. Strata+Hadoop World postmortem: Making it real (time)

      Strata+Hadoop World postmortem: Making it real (time)

      Read More Part of the identity switch is due to the realization that with a proliferation of mix and match projects, it's getting futile to ask what makes Hadoop, Hadoop. And more to the point, as enterprises increasingly take to the cloud, whether you fire up a Hadoop or a la carte managed Spark or machine learning service is growing less and less relevant - the importance is on the results, regardless of whether there is an elephant in the room or not.

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    2. DataSift and LinkedIn: A new angle for social media analytics

      DataSift and LinkedIn: A new angle for social media analytics

      Read More Founded in 2010, DataSift was one of the first commercial software providers to offer a platform for aggregating live data from social media. Its original claim to fame was as one of Twitter's two live data partners, with its own license for reselling and repackaging the entire Twitter data feed. Given that Twitter has been known to be a fickle partner at best, it's not surprising that DataSift's semi-exclusive arrangement didn't last.

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