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    1. Semi-supervised model adaptation for statistical machine translation

      Abstract  Statistical machine translation systems are usually trained on large amounts of bilingual text (used to learn a translation model), and also large amounts of monolingual text in the target language (used to train a language model). In this article we explore the use of semi-supervised model adaptation methods for the effective use of monolingual data from the source language in order to improve translation quality. We propose several algorithms with this aim, and present the strengths and weaknesses of each one. We present detailed experimental evaluations on the French–English EuroParl data set and on data from the NIST ...
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    2. Review of Dubkjaer, Laila; Hemsen, Holmer; Minker, Wolfgang (eds) Evaluation of Text and Speech Systems

      Review of Dubkjaer, Laila; Hemsen, Holmer; Minker, Wolfgang (eds) Evaluation of Text and Speech Systems Content Type Journal ArticleCategory Book reviewDOI 10.1007/s10590-008-9037-2Authors Núria Bel, Universitat Pompeu Fabra Institut Universitari de Lingüística Aplicada Pl. Mercè, 10-12 Barcelona 08002 Spain Journal Machine TranslationOnline ISSN 1573-0573Print ISSN 0922-6567
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    3. Language Weaver CEO Says Professional Translators Are Using Software-based Statistical Translation to Expand Business

      In Berlin for Localization World, a global conference that focuses on translation and localization, Language Weaver CEO Mark Tapling said today that the future is bright for Language Service Providers (LSPs) who embrace statistical machine translation as a tool to greatly expand business and increase margins.
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    4. Hello from Msr-mt's new blogger!

      Thanks for the intro, Vikram!  I'm the new marketing communications manager for the Machine Translation team in MSR, and I'm really excited to be a part of the team!  I'm looking forward to sharing some of the great new improvements to the service that the team is working on, as well as hearing comments from the readers of this blog.   A little background on me: I'm a former techie who's been in the marketing world for the past 4 years (specifically working with Microsoft's OEM partners).  Before that I was in grad school for ...
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    5. New Blogger on the block – Please welcome Lane!

      I wanted to post a quick note welcoming Lane, who will be bringing you updates (more regularly than before) about what’s new and exciting in our team. Welcome Lane! On that note, Lane and Andrea were at the MSR Silicon Valley Road Show event showing off our products and technology. Robert Scoble from Fastcompany has a video:   While still on the topic of videos – some of you might have missed news coverage from CNET News a little while back. We are covered in the last one and half minutes of this video.   -Vikram Vikram works on Incubation Strategy for ...
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      Mentions: Robert Scoble
    6. Asia Online Unveils Revolutionary Statistical Machine Translation Platform with 203 Language Pairs - Learns From Humans

      Asia Online's new statistical machine translation platform handles large-scale, bulk globalization projects in more than 203 language pairs, and possesses the unique ability to learn from humans in real-time, giving it the ability to constantly improve its translation quality and understand industry-specific jargon and cultural nuances. The new platform will be available as an on-demand ...
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