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    1. Association for Machine Translation in the Americas Highlights Real-World Uses of Translation Technology in Hawaii

      STROUDSBURG, Pa.----For its eighth biennial conference, AMTA 2008, to be held in Hawaii in October, The Association for Machine Translation in the Americas has expanded its appeal to both government and commercial users by expanding the educational programs and by co-locating with other organizations that support linguistic technologies and research.
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    2. Speech Recognition and Machine Translation: Formerly Vexing Technologies Finally Work Well, Even Together

      Hannah Grap, one of Language Weaver's resident translation technology specialists, will present at SpeechTEK 2008 in New York City on Monday, August 18. Language Weaver is the leader in statistical-based language translation solutions for the enterprise.
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    3. Information search system, information search supporting system, and method and program for information search

      FIELD OF THE INVENTIONThe present invention relates to an information search system and, more particularly, to an information search system in which a search for information to which a meaning is added is made by using a semantic web technique, and to a method ofmaking such a search.BACKGROUND ARTTo obtain desired information existing on a network such as the Internet by accessing a server constructed on the network from a personal computer or a portable information terminal (hereinafter referre
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    4. Automatic improvement of spoken language

      FIELD OF THE INVENTIONThe present invention relates generally to speech processing and specifically to methods and systems for automatic improvement of spoken language.BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTIONThe automatic processing of spoken language encompasses a wide variety of technologies and applications. Automatic speech-to-text conversion enables automatic transcription of speeches, conversations and audio broadcasts. Automatic speechrecognition, or voice recognition, enables users to use their mobil
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    5. System for identifying paraphrases using machine translation

      BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTIONThe present invention deals with identifying paraphrases in text. More specifically, the present invention deals with using machine translation techniques to identify and generate paraphrases.The recognition and generation of paraphrases is a key facet to many applications of natural language processing systems. Being able to identify that two different pieces of text are equivalent in meaning enables a system to behave much moreintelligently. A fundamental goal of wor
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    6. Office 2003 setup instructions

      Following up on last week's post on the integration of translation into Office, here are the instructions to set it up in Office 2003, for our users who do not have Office 2007.  1) Open the task pane First bring up the task pane by selecting "Task Pane" on the View menu (or pressing Ctrl-F1): 2) Select the research pane In the Task pane drop-down menu (here labeled "Getting Started"), select the "Research" task pane. 3) Go to the Research Options dialog After you've chosen the "Research" task pane, there should be a "Research options" hyperlink at the ...
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