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    1. Method and apparatus for performing machine translation using a unified language model and translation model

      The present invention is a method and apparatus for processing a phrase in a first language for translation to a second language. A plurality of possible linguistic patterns are identified in the second language, that correspond to the phrase in the first language. For each of the patterns identified, a probability for the pattern is calculated, based on a combination of the language model probability for the pattern and a translation model probability for the pattern. In one embodiment, an output is also provided which is indicative of a translation of the phrase in the first language to the second ...
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    2. NEC Develops World's First, Japanese-Chinese Automatic, Speech Translation Software Operable on PDA

      Tokyo - Jan 6, 2006 (PRN): NEC Corporation today announced that it has succeeded in the development of the world's first, automatic, Japanese Chinese speech translation software, capable of real-time, speech-to-speech translation of travel-related Chinese and Japanese conversation on a PDA (mobile information terminal). Operable on a commercial PDA, the newly developed automatic translation softw
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    3. Method and apparatus for normalizing and converting structured content

      A method and apparatus are disclosed for transforming information from one semantic environment to another. In one implementation, a SOLx system includes a Normalization/Translation NorTran Workbench and a SOLx server. The NorTran Workbench is used to develop a knowledge base based on information from a source system, to normalize legacy content according to various rules, and to develop a database of translated content. During run time, the SOLx server receives transmissions from the source system, normalizes the transmitted content, accesses the database of translated content and otherwise translates the normalized content, and reconstructs the transmission to provide substantially real-time ...
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    4. EAMT 11th Annual Conference

      19-20 June 2006, Oslo, Norway First Call For Papers The European Association for Machine Translation will hold a major conference in Oslo, Norway on 19-20 June, 2006. This meeting is the eleventh in a series of regular events acting as a forum for the exchange of ideas concerning all aspects of Machine Translation and computer-aids/tools for translator. The purpose of the EAMT events is to bring together users, developers and researchers to discuss the latest developments in the field. The event
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    5. Language Weaver Awarded Rising Star in Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 Program for Los Angeles

      Wednesday September 14, 11:42 am ET Leader in Statistical Machine Translation Software Recognized for Meteoric Growth LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 14, 2005--Language Weaver, Inc., a developer of statistical machine translation software (SMTS) for the automation of human language translation, has been named a Rising Star in Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 program for Los Angeles. The Rising Star aw
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    6. Machine translation (computer-based translation) Publications by John Hutchins

      Articles, books and papers about machine translation and computer-based translation tools, the historical development and current use of computers for the translation of natural languages. The collection includes general articles, surveys of contemporary developments, and historical works. At a later date more may be added. Most are in PDF format, but some are HTML. All publications © W.John Hutchins (except otherwise
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    7. System, method and program for discriminating named entity

      A named entity discriminating system capable of discriminating names entities such as location names, personal names, and organization names in text with a high degree of accuracy is provided. A reading means reads text from a hypertext database. A single text analyzing means analyzes each text read by the reading means and detects candidates for the named entity in the text. A complex text analyzing means estimates the likelihood of the candidate named entity detected by the single text analyzing means by an analysis with reference to referring link text or linked text of the text in which the candidate ...
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    8. Methods for extracting information on interactions between biological entities from natural language text data

      The present invention relates to methods for identifying novel genes comprising: (i) generating one and/or more specialized databases containing information on gene/protein structure, function and/or regulatory interactions; and (ii) searching the specialized databases for homology or for a particular motif and thereby identifying a putative novel gene of interest. The invention may further comprise performing simulation and hypothesis testing to identify or confirm that the putative gene is a novel gene of interest. The present invention also relates to natural language processing and extraction of relational information associated with genes and proteins that are found in genomics ...
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    9. Linguistic disambiguation system and method using string-based pattern training to learn to resolve ambiguity sites

      A linguistic disambiguation system and method creates a knowledge base by training on patterns in strings that contain ambiguity sites. The string patterns are described by a set of reduced regular expressions (RREs) or very reduced regular expressions (VRREs). The knowledge base utilizes the RREs or VRREs to resolve ambiguity based upon the strings in which the ambiguity occurs. The system is trained on a training set, such as a properly labeled corpus. Once trained, the system may then apply the knowledge base to raw input strings that contain ambiguity sites. The system uses the RRE- and VRRE-based knowledge base ...
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    10. Grammar Lost Translation Machine In Researchers Fix Try Will

      The makers of a University of Southern California computer translation system consistently rated among the world's best are teaching their software something new: English grammar. Most modern "machine translation" systems, including the highly rated one created by USC's Information Sciences Institute, rely on brute force correlation of vast bodies of pre-translated text from such sources as newspapers that publish in multiple languag
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    11. Fractal semantic network generator

      A method, system, and a program storage device readable by machine, tangibly embodying a program of instructions executable by the machine to perform method steps for processing an input string to generate a fractal semantic network. The fractal semantic network is obtained by parsing the input string to generate an initial parse structure which comprises a plurality of parse elements. Semantic units are generated from some of the parse elements by employing a set of mapping rules for mapping certain types of parse elements into the semantic units such that some of the semantic units are information objects and some ...
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    12. Download Free Site Translator v2.42 !

      Site Translator, designed for Website owners who need a simple, do-it-yourself solution to Website language translation. With a few mouse clicks, Site Translator will translate virtually any Website designed in HTML, ASP, PHP, and ASP.net. It translates only the language content and leaves the source code unchanged. Unlike the word-substitution software that requires manual substitution of words or phrases, Site Translator intelligently identifies and translates phrases. Site Translator uses aut
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    13. Google dominates in machine translation tests

      Published: August 22, 2005, 6:00 PM PDT Staff Writer, CNET News.com Search giant Google's ambitions to make the Web more international got a slight boost from a U.S. government-run test in which its machine translation software beat out competitors from IBM and academia. Google scored the highest in Arabic-to-English and Chinese-to-English translation tests conducted by the National Institute of Science and Technology. Each test consisted of translating 100 articles from Agence France Presse and
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    14. Google Wins Machine Translation Showdown

      Posted by John Yunker Earlier this month I wrote an article in Global By Design on Google's ambitious machine translation (MT) plans. While Google is still very much in pre-beta stage with its home-brewed statistical MT (SMT) software, early indications are that Google is headed in the right direction. The National Institute of Standards and Technology just of more than a dozen MT solutions. The tests were designed only to look at how well the software translates from Chinese and Arabic into Eng
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    15. Machine Translation's Past and Future

      1629 René Descartes proposes a universal language, with equivalent ideas in different tongues sharing one symbol. 1933 Russian Petr Smirnov- Troyanskii patents a device for transforming word-root sequences into their other-language equivalents. 1939 Bell Labs demonstrates the first electronic speech-synthesizing device at the New York World's Fair. 1949 Warren Weaver, director of the Rockefeller Foundation's natural sciences division, drafts a memorandum for
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    16. Machine Translation: An Introductory Guide

      MACHINE TRANSLATION: Doug Arnold Lorna Balkan Siety Meijer R.Lee Humphreys Louisa Sadler Contents Preface Contents Introduction and Overview Machine Translation in Practice Representation and Processing Machine Translation Engines Dictionaries Translation Problems Representation and Processing Revisited: Meaning Input Evaluating MT Systems New Directions in MT Useful Addresses Glossary References Index About this document ...
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    17. Machine Translation Software

      Thai/English/GermanAbcThai Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Persian, TurkishAppTek Russian/EnglishArsenal/SOCRAT Arabic/English:ATA Software English/Hebrew,English/Spanish,English/German,English/FrenchBABYLON Turkish, EnglishBILSAG Translator Many LanguagesBrall Software FB-ActiveTranslator Korean, EnglishClickQ EK S/W Web Translator German/EnglishComprendium Farsi/EnglishCiyaSoft Korean/Japanese/EnglishDreamsell German/English French/E
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    18. The best English-Chinese and Chinese-English translation software I have ever used

      is Yaxin CAT 2.5. "CAT" means "computer aided translation. You can download it here and try it (3.5 is here). If you have met any question, including how to use it, how to regester the software, etc., leave a message here. Yaxin CAT was developed by Orient Yaxin Software Technology Co. LTD. Orient Yaxin Software Technology Co., LTD is a technological company engaged in R&D of professional translation software and
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    19. About Machine Translation

      Machine Translation: An Introductory Guide. By Doug Arnold, Lorna Balkan, Siety Meijer, R.Lee Humphreys and Louisa Sadler (1994). "The topic of the book is the art or science of Automatic Translation, or Machine Translation (MT) as it is generally known --- the attempt to automate all, or part of the process of translating from one human language to another. The aim of the book is to introduce this topic to the general reader --- anyone interested in human language, translation, or computers." S
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    20. Machine Translation

      "What is ? Machine translation (MT) is the application of computers to the task of translating texts from one natural language to another. One of the very earliest pursuits in computer science, MT has proved to be an elusive goal, but today a number of systems are available which produce output which, if not perfect, is of sufficient quality to be useful in a number of specific domains." A definition from the European Association for (EAMT), "an organizatio
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    21. Apparatus and method for adding information to a machine translation dictionary

      Given a source text, a desired translation of the source text into a target language, and a machine-readable dictionary, a first set of morphemes in the target language is generated from the source text, typically by using the dictionary to perform a machine translation of the source text. The second text is analyzed into a second set of morphemes in the target language. Differences between the first and second sets of morphemes are found, and morphemes corresponding to the differences are taken from the source text. Existing information including these source-text morphemes is extracted from the dictionary, and new information ...
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    22. System, method and article of manufacture for concept based information searching

      A system, method and article of manufacture are provided for allowing concept based information searching. Textual information is collected utilizing a network. The textual information is parsed to create topic specific information packets, which are stored in an information cache. The system parses a user query and compares the parsed user query with the information packets in the information cache to locate matching information packets and displays the matching information packets to a user.
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    23. System for processing textual inputs using natural language processing techniques

      A system filters documents in a document set retrieved from a document store in response to a query. The system obtains a first set of logical forms based on a selected one of the query and the documents in the document set. The system obtains a second set of logical forms based on another of the query and the documents in the document set. The system then uses natural language processing techniques to modify the first logical forms to obtain a modified set of logical forms. The system filters documents in the document set based on a predetermined relationship between ...
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