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    1. Interlingua for French and German Topological Prepositions

      The present study focuses on the definition of an Interlingua for the French topological prepositions “ dans(in) ”, “ sur(on) ”, “ à(at) ” and their equivalent in German “ in ”, “ auf ”, “ an ” with a view to their use in French-German machine translation and second language acquisition systems. Both languages have a concept of preposition but with a different lexical use. In the same spatial situation, not always equivalent prepositions are used. The French and German prepositions can cover the description of a certain spatial situation, although its meanings can overlap themselves only partially. The choice of the appropriate preposition in a target language ...
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      Mentions: Algeria Interlingua
    2. Building bridges across continents and cultures

      Twelve Japanese elementary-school students gathered at Yoyogi Elementary School in central Tokyo on Saturday, May 10, to play games, cooperate with and learn a little about a similar group of students at an elementary school in Seoul, South Korea via Webcam on the Internet. They did this despite being hundreds of kilometers away, not to mention being unable to speak each other's language. The ...
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    3. Across Systems Launches Educational Series to Increase Productivity in Localization

      Across Systems, supplier of the world's leading independent linguistic supply chain technology, has announced its upcoming event and webinar series for summer, 2008. The company's presentations will educate corporate and localization company translation professionals on ways to increase productivity and simplify workflow processes when generating multilingual content.
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    4. Language Weaver Founder and Colleagues Improve Name Translation Using Statistical Algorithms

      COLUMBUS, Ohio----Language Weaver, the leader in statistical software-based language translation solutions for the enterprise, announced today the development of a new, highly effective method of translating names using statistical machine translation.
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    5. Other applications of the Burrows-Wheeler Transform

      Traditionally the major application of the Burrows-Wheeler Transform has been for data compression and efficient storage, and earlier chapters in this book have provided a detailed consideration of the BWT from this viewpoint, analyzing its performance for data compression. However, recent research on the Burrows-Wheeler Transform has shown the versatility of the BWT, and hence efforts are shifting from its traditional application in data compression to other areas of study. In Chapter 7 we showed how the BWT provides an effective mechanism for rapid pattern matching. In this chapter we expand more on its many uses, focusing on new and ...
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    6. Task parallelization in a text-to-text system

      BACKGROUNDText to text applications include machine translation and other machine intelligence systems such as speech recognition and automated summarization. These systems often rely on training that is carried out based on information from specifieddatabases known as corpora.A training pipeline may include many millions of words. It is not uncommon for the training to take weeks. There is often a tradeoff between the speed of the processing and the accuracy of the obtained information.It is de
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    7. One-row keyboard and approximate typing

      BACKGROUNDIt is fascinating to reflect on the great impact of the PC on society. The PC is clearly capable of doing a whole lot more than what we use it for. Essentially, for many the PC became a replacement for the typewriter, and it is still largely aword processor. The other initial application that drove PC adoption was the spreadsheet. Then it also became a presentation creation tool. Over time, email was introduced and, even more recently, Web browsing. Web browsing, in turn, is giving ris
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