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    1. Machine translation using learned word associations without referring to a multi-lingual human authored dictionary of content words

      A method and computer-readable medium are provided that perform a series of steps associated with machine translation. These steps include using a first text in a first language and a second text in a second language, to produce an association list where words in the first language are associated with words in the second language. A first syntactic structure for a sentence from the first text is aligned with a second syntactic structure for a sentence in the second text based on the association list without referring to a bilingual dictionary of content words. The association list is also used ...
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    2. Icwsm Report

      I recently attended ICWSM (International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media), which consisted of an interesting mix of researchers from NLP, Data Mining, Pyschology, Sociology, and Information Sciences. Social media (which defined generally can include blogs, newsgroups, and online communities like facebook, flikr, youtube, del.icio.us) now accounts for the majority of content produced and consumed on the Web. As the area grows in importance, people are getting really interested in finding w
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    3. Example based machine translation system

      The present invention performs machine translation by matching fragments of a source language sentence to be translated to source language portions of an example in example base. When all relevant examples have been identified in the example base, the examples are subjected to phrase alignment in which fragments of the target language sentence in each example are aligned against the matched fragments of the source language sentence in the same example. A translation component then substitutes the aligned target language phrases from the matched examples for the matched fragments in the source language sentence.
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    4. IE8 Translation Activity

      Our friends over in the Internet Explorer building recently released a developer preview version of IE8. There are a lot of interesting features in IE8 developer beta 1, ranging from improved standards compatibility to improving security through elegant tweaks to the address bar. Web slices, improved Favorites bar and the developer toolbar are some other welcome additions to the feature set. The Activities feature in IE8 is a great way for users to access various web services in a single click. We are very excited to deliver translations through the Translation activity for IE8. If you don't already have ...
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