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    1. Computer system with natural language to machine language translator

      Presented is a system and method for converting or translating expressions in a natural language such as English into machine executable expressions in a formal language. This translation enables a transformation from the syntactic structures of a natural language into effective algebraic forms for further exact processing. The invention utilizes algorithms employing a reduction of sequences of terms defined over an extensible lexicon into formal syntactic and semantic structures. This term reduction incorporates both syntactic type and semantic context to achieve an effective formal representation and interpretation of the meaning conveyed by any natural language expression.
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    2. Connectionist, Statistical and Symbolic Approaches to Learning for Natural Language Processing

      Connectionist, Statistical and Symbolic Approaches to Learning for Natural Language Processing Content Type BookPublisher Springer Berlin / HeidelbergDOI 10.1007/3-540-60925-3Copyright 1996ISBN 978-3-540-60925-4Editors Stefan WermterEllen RiloffGabriele Scheler Book Series Lecture Notes in Computer ScienceOnline ISSN 1611-3349Print ISSN 0302-9743 Book Series Volume Volume 1040/1996
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    3. Natural language processor

      A computer program product for controlling the computer's processor to perform responsive actions a natural language input has: (1) vocabulary, phrase and concept databases of words, phrase and concepts, respectively, that can be recognized in the inputted communication, wherein each of these database elements is representable by a designated semantic symbol, (2) means for searching the inputted communication to identify the words in the communication that are contained within the vocabulary database, (3) means for expressing the communication in terms of the word semantic symbols that correspond to each of the words identified in the inputted communication, (4) means ...
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    4. Face Recognition Applications

      Face Recognition Applications Content Type Book ChapterDOI 10.1007/0-387-27257-7_17Authors Thomas Huang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Urbana IL 61801 USAZiyou Xiong, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Urbana IL 61801 USAZhenqiu Zhang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Urbana IL 61801 USA Book Handbook of Face RecognitionDOI 10.1007/b138828Online ISBN 978-0-387-27257-3Print ISBN 978-0-387-40595-7
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    5. Method and apparatus for deriving information from written text

      A method and apparatus for deriving information from a textual representation of a sentence are provided, the sentence having a plurality of words. The apparatus comprises an input, a processing unit and an output. The input is for receiving data elements indicative of the textual representation of the sentence. The processing unit is operative for processing the textual representation of the sentence to derive an information record on the basis of a set of information extraction rules, the information record being indicative of a semantic representation of at least part of the sentence. The information record is then released at ...
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    6. Natural language processing methods and systems

      Scheme for enriching an input network with knowledge from a fractal semantic knowledge network. The input network comprises objects and pointers between these objects, and the knowledge network comprises semantic units, and a plurality of Jani, whereby any of these Jani is associated with one or more of the semantic units such that the respective Janus is able to operate on one or more of the semantic units. The following steps are carried out: finding a counterpart element for an object or a pointer by looking for a semantic unit that is related to the object or the pointer; establishing ...
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    7. Information generation and retrieval method based on standardized format of sentence structure and semantic structure and system using the same

      The present invention relates to an information generation and retrieval apparatus based on a standardized format of sentence structure and semantic structure and a method thereof and a computer readable recording medium for recording a program for implementing the method. The method for generating and retrieving information for use in an apparatus for generating and retrieving information based on standardized formats of sentence structure and semantic structure, comprises a first step of transforming a natural language sentence (information and knowledge) described by a information provider to a conceptual graph depending on standardized formats of sentence structure and semantic structure and ...
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    8. Fractal semantic network generator

      A method, system, and a program storage device readable by machine, tangibly embodying a program of instructions executable by the machine to perform method steps for processing an input string to generate a fractal semantic network. The fractal semantic network is obtained by parsing the input string to generate an initial parse structure which comprises a plurality of parse elements. Semantic units are generated from some of the parse elements by employing a set of mapping rules for mapping certain types of parse elements into the semantic units such that some of the semantic units are information objects and some ...
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    9. Chinese word segmentation apparatus

      A Chinese word segmentation apparatus relates to processing of a Chinese sentence input to a computer. A character-to-phonetic converter of the segmentation apparatus initially converts a Chinese sentence into a phonetic symbol string while referring to a character phonetic dictionary and a ductionary for characters with different pronunciations. Thereafter, a candidate word-selector refers to a system dictionary to retrieve all of the possible candidate characters or words in the phonetic symbol string and relevant information, such as frequency of use, using the phonetic symbols as indexing terms. Unfeasible candidate characters or words are discarded. Subsequently, an optimum candidate character string-decider ...
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    10. Processing of textual information and automated apprehension of information

      Scheme for the automated apprehension of textual information conveyed in an input string. The input string is segmented to generate segments and/or semantical units. The following steps are repeated for each segment in the input string until a subset for each segment in said input string is identified: a. identifying a matching semantical unit in a fractal hierarchical knowledge database of semantical units and pointers, said matching semantical units being deemed to be related to a segment of said input string, b. determining the fitness of said matching semantical unit by taking into consideration said semantical unit's associations ...
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    11. Information Retrieval Techniques

      A general collection of articles on search and information retrieval techniques of the future: How Search Works, by Tim Bray: a simple introduction to Boolean search Relaxation Ranking Passage Retrieval, by Steve Green: giving weight to terms that appear near each other. A Framework for Multilingual Searching and Meta-information Extraction by S. Shimizu et al. The Porter Stemming Algorithm, by Martin Porter. Snowball: a language for stemming algorithms Bayesia
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    12. Techniques for controlling distribution of information from a secure domain

      Techniques for controlling distribution of information from a secure domain by automatically detecting outgoing messages which violate security policies corresponding to the secure domain. Semantic models are constructed for one or more message categories and for the outgoing messages. The semantic model of an outgoing message is compared with the semantic models of the message categories to determine a degree of similarity between the semantic models. The outgoing message is classified based on the degree of similarity obtained from the comparison. A determination is made, based on the classification of the outgoing message, if distribution of the outgoing message would ...
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    13. Language learning apparatus and method therefor

      A language learning apparatus includes a syntax-structure analyzing unit and a syntax-rule learning unit. The syntax-structure analyzing unit is provided with a speech recognition portion for recognizing a word string from input speech data O.sub.i based on speech pattern information of a vocabulary-information storage unit. A semantic analyzer detects image patterns from input moving picture data V.sub.i by using the information stored in the vocabulary-information storage unit, and analyzes the relevance of the detected image patterns and outputs a concept representation using the words corresponding to the individual image patterns. A relevance analyzer verifies the word ...
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    14. File or database manager systems based on a fractal hierarchical index structure

      Database system (10) which comprises a fractal hierarchical index database (13), and a processing unit (19). The processing unit (19) is employed to evaluate an input string (12) describing an element (E1) that is to be added to the database system (10) in order to obtain an input network (18) comprising a semantical unit (SU1) representing the element (E1). Then the processing unit (19) updates the index database (13). Finally, either an existing access pointer (22) is maintained, or a new access pointer (22) is created between the element (E1) and the semantical unit (SU1) representing the element (E1) thereby ...
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