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    1. Method for document retrieval and for word sense disambiguation using neural networks

      A method for storing and searching documents also useful in disambiguating word senses and a method for generating a dictionary of context vectors. The dictionary of context vectors provides a context vector for each word stem in the dictionary. A context vector is a fixed length list of component values corresponding to a list of word-based features, the component values being an approximate measure of the conceptual relationship between the word stem and the word-based feature. Documents are stored by combining the context vectors of the words remaining in the document after uninteresting words are removed. The summary vector obtained ...
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    2. Natural language processing system and method for parsing a plurality of input symbol sequences into syntactically or pragmatically correct word messages

      A Natural Language Processing System utilizes a symbol parsing layer in combination with an intelligent word parsing layer to produce a syntactically or pragmatically correct output sentence or other word message. Initially, a plurality of polysemic symbol sequences are input through a keyboard segmented into a plurality of semantic, syntactic, or pragmatic segments including agent, action and patient segments, for example. One polysemic symbol sequence, including a plurality of polysemic symbols, is input from each of the three segments of the keyboard. A symbol parsing device, in a symbol parsing layer, then parses each of the plurality of symbols in ...
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    3. Molecular natural language processing system

      A natural language processing system for processing digitally encoded text by utilizing a "molecular" method. This method combines words into sentences like atoms combine to form molecules. Each word in the language is treated like an atom which has particular attributes and binding characteristics. By verifying if these binding characteristics have been satisfied, it can be determined if a set of words can follow each other to form sentences of the language.
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    4. Method and apparatus for speech processing using morphology and rhyming

      A method and apparatus for natural language processing using morphology and rhyming. The method and apparatus employ a hybrid of dictionary and rule-based approaches for both speech and speech recognition. In an illustrative embodiment of the present invention the pronunciation of a word is determined by rhyming the word, or components of the word, with a reference word, or components of the reference word. In another illustrative embodiment of the present invention, the spelling of a word is determined by rhyming the word, or components of the word, with a reference word, or components of the reference word.
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    5. Knowledge information processing system

      A system capable of automatically generating an answer in response to a query or an instruction such as a letter writing instruction input to the system in the form of a natural language. The system understands the goal of the natural language input and retrieves information from knowledge bases to formulate a plan and an action for achieving the goal.
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    6. Multi-modal user interface

      A multi-modal user interface for removing a referential ambiguity from a natural language input to a computer system. A user provides both a textual input and a referential input. The referential input is provided by using a mouse to point to text items on the screen. The referential input removes the ambiguity from the textual input. The textual input typically is a query of a database and is displayed as a query in a query card. The referential input is a selection of elements from responses to previous queries. The user selects various ones of these query cards for display ...
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    7. Sense discrimination system and method

      A sense discrimination system and method are described. One aspect of the present invention includes a method for performing sense discrimination, a token stream including a token wherein each sense of each lexical entry may be marked with a positive or negative morphology preference, each sense of each entry may be marked with relevant contexts, and each sense of each entry may be marked with a positive/negative status being provided, at least a portion of one parse tree and at least a portion of one head tail matrix also being provided. The method includes the steps of converting each ...
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    8. Method and apparatus for interpreting and organizing timing specification information

      A method and apparatus for converting unstructured descriptions of signal timing constraints, which can be entered by a user in a natural-language format, into unambiguous symbolic specification descriptions. The invention also generates file structures containing both the signal characteristics entered by the user and timing-constraint information that may be derived therefrom.
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    9. Downhole compaction and stabilization back reamer and drill bit

      Improved back reamers (20, 60, 80, 100) are disclosed for use in back reaming a pilot bore in a trenchless boring operation. In three of the heads (20, 60, 100), truncated cylinders are mounted on a body (22) of the head with the truncated cylinders each defining a convex truncated surface facing the walls of the bore. Rotation of the head while moving the head in the direction to be reamed, the convex truncated surface will compact the soil into a wall of the bore of desired final diameter and stabilize the wall. A back reamer (80) is provided with ...
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    10. Vibration isolating apparatus

      A vibration isolating apparatus disposed between a vibration generating unit and a vibration receiving unit has an elastic member which is engaged between an inner tube and an outer tube disposed outside the inner tube in parallel relation for coupling both of the tubes, and which is formed with a thin-wall bending portion. Accordingly, when a load acts on the inner tube and/or the outer tube, the thin-wall bending portion is deformed so as to prevent the elastic member from deforming abnormally.
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    11. Apparatus and method for femoral venous cannulation

      A guide for assisting in the cannulation of a patient comprising a flexible, tubular body having a hollow interior, a proximate end, and a distal end. The proximate end has an opening in communication with the hollow interior of the tubular body, and the distal end has a rounded, reinforced tip with a passageway therethrough which is in communication with the hollow interior. The guide is inserted and advanced to a position desired by the surgeon within a vein or artery, and then a cannula is threaded over the guide and advanced to the desired position before the guide is ...
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    12. Pivotal hand tool and pivot joint therefor

      A pivotal hand tool includes first and second lever members which intersect and have aligned openings therethrough in which is received a pivot pin having an enlarged head at one end adjacent to one of the lever members and having the other end thereof welded to the other lever member or to a flat washer which bears against the other lever member. The head and the flat washer may be received in complementary recesses in the lever members. A frustoconical washer may be disposed beneath the head of the pivot pin for resiliently urging the lever members together.
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    13. Litter box

      A portable litter box for a cat or other domesticated animal comprises a housing having upper and lower sections detachably securable to provide a substantially closed container. The sections are stackable or nestable for storage, shipping and/or display. Preferably, the upper section includes an opening for ingress and egress to the housing and a carrying handle for the box as well as means for holding a freshener; the lower section may include skid resistant feet. Pins are provided for detachably securing the sections together in assembly.
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    14. Rotary ball joint having a plurality of force transmitting balls providing connection between the inner and outer members

      A rotary ball joint, especially for angularly movable driveshafts for motor vehicles, has an outer joint member (11) with ball tracks (18) uniformly distributed on its inner circumference and an inner joint member (12) non-rotatingly connected to the outer joint member (11). The inner joint member (12) includes ball sockets (13) which correspond to the ball tracks of the outer joint members (11). The ball sockets comprise spherical inner faces and, via the balls (14) supported therein, establish a form-fitting connection between the inner joint member (12) and the outer joint member (11). A plurality of bearing balls (15) are ...
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    15. Bipolar biopsy device utilizing a rotatable, single-hinged moving element

      A bipolar biopsy device for removing tissue samples for biopsy purposes or other purposes. The bipolar biopsy device has an elongated flexible end and a lumen extending therebetween. A cutting head is mounted on the distal end and has a hollow fixed member containing an electrode having an electrical surface thereon and a hollow cup-shaped moveable relative to the fixed member. The electrode surfaces are electrically connected to an outside voltage source. A handle is affixed to the proximal end and a core wire is affixed to the handle which extends through the lumen and is affixed to the movable ...
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    16. Computer assisted learning support system and processing method therefor

      A computer assisted learning support system includes a storage for storing therein blocks of the teaching material respectively assigned with teaching material identifiers, the blocks being attained by subdividing the teaching material according to contents thereof, and link information which represents by a pair of identifiers of a teaching material a relationship between blocks of the teaching material, a display for presenting, in a change-over manner, a screen image of the blocks of the teaching material and a screen image of the contents of the blocks of the teaching material and the link information of the blocks, an input device ...
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    17. Computer aided text generation method and system

      A computer aided text generation system and method provides functions of aiding a logical outline structure of a text, aiding the text generation using a conventional expression, aiding the text generation without using conventional expression, aiding the refinement of the generated text and aiding the collection of illustrative sentences. The present system permits generation of a finished text of high quality.
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    18. Method and apparatus for classifying text

      The present invention provides a method and apparatus for classifying text by using two constants determined by analyzing the text. The first constant, G, classifies text in the order of constraint. It is defined by the equation G=log (N/L)/ {log(N)-1}, where N is the number of words and L is the number of different words in the text being classified. The second constant, R, is the correlation coefficient between the word length and the logarithm scaled rank order of word frequency. The values of the two constants can be used to determine how to classify text ...
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    19. Method and apparatus for generating and/or updating cooccurrence relation dictionary

      A method of and an apparatus for generating and/or updating a cooccurrence relation dictionary in a natural language processing system such as a machine translation system including an input/output device, a memory for storing therein dictionary information, and a processor for processing an input sentence by use of the dictionary information. In the system, a syntactic analysis is performed on the input sentence, ambiguity is examined on each possible pair of words included in the result of the syntactic analysis, and only pairs of words determined to be free from ambiguity based on the result of the examination ...
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    20. Method and apparatus for computer understanding and manipulation of minimally formatted text documents

      A method and apparatus which enables a computer to understand and manipulate minimally formatted text of such documents as resumes, purchase order forms, insurance forms, bank statements and similar items is disclosed. The documents are digitized by an optical scanner and translated into ASCII text by an optical character reader. The invention manipulates the digital image of the document to find blocks of contiguous text. After separating the text by block, each block is converted into an ASCII character file. Next, these files are processed by a Grammar, which uses pattern matching techniques and syntax rules to enable the host ...
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    21. Dictionary linked text base apparatus

      This invention pertains to a dictionary-linked text base apparatus having a text searching function and text searching methods using this apparatus at various levels. This realizes a searched result with a higher degree of accuracy and, by linking a text base with an electronic dictionary, this invention enables searches at three levels: all texts containing the morpheme included in a searched object word at a morpheme level; all texts related to the grammatical attribute of the item in the electronic dictionary matching or including the morpheme at a syntactical level; and all texts related to no less than one concept ...
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    22. Circuits responsive to and controlling charged particles

      Disclosed are self-contained high electrical charge density entities, generated in electrical discharge production. Apparatus for isolating the high charge density entities, selecting them and manipulating them by various guide techniques are disclosed. Utilizing such apparatus, the paths followed by the entities may be switched, or selectively varied in length, for example, whereby the entities may be extensively manipulated. Additional devices are disclosed for the manipulation and exploitation of these entities, including their use with a camera and also in an oscilloscope, as well as their use in generating RF radiation. A flat panel display is disclosed which is operated by ...
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    23. Processing natural language text using autonomous punctuational structure

      A technique for processing natural language text uses a data structure that includes structure data in the text data. The structure data indicates an autonomous punctuational structure of the text, a punctuational structure that is independent of the lexical content of the text and therefore can be manipulated without considering the meaning of the words in the text. The data structure can be a tree in which each node has a textual type such as a paragraph, sentence, clause, phrase, or word. The data structure could alternatively be parallel data sequences, one with codes indicating the text's characters and ...
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