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    1. Method and apparatus for computer understanding and manipulation of minimally formatted text documents

      A method and apparatus which enables a computer to understand and manipulate minimally formatted text of such documents as resumes, purchase order forms, insurance forms, bank statements and similar items is disclosed. The documents are digitized by an optical scanner and translated into ASCII text by an optical character reader. The invention manipulates the digital image of the document to find blocks of contiguous text. After separating the text by block, each block is converted into an ASCII character file. Next, these files are processed by a Grammar, which uses pattern matching techniques and syntax rules to enable the host ...
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    2. Dictionary linked text base apparatus

      This invention pertains to a dictionary-linked text base apparatus having a text searching function and text searching methods using this apparatus at various levels. This realizes a searched result with a higher degree of accuracy and, by linking a text base with an electronic dictionary, this invention enables searches at three levels: all texts containing the morpheme included in a searched object word at a morpheme level; all texts related to the grammatical attribute of the item in the electronic dictionary matching or including the morpheme at a syntactical level; and all texts related to no less than one concept ...
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    3. Circuits responsive to and controlling charged particles

      Disclosed are self-contained high electrical charge density entities, generated in electrical discharge production. Apparatus for isolating the high charge density entities, selecting them and manipulating them by various guide techniques are disclosed. Utilizing such apparatus, the paths followed by the entities may be switched, or selectively varied in length, for example, whereby the entities may be extensively manipulated. Additional devices are disclosed for the manipulation and exploitation of these entities, including their use with a camera and also in an oscilloscope, as well as their use in generating RF radiation. A flat panel display is disclosed which is operated by ...
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    4. Processing natural language text using autonomous punctuational structure

      A technique for processing natural language text uses a data structure that includes structure data in the text data. The structure data indicates an autonomous punctuational structure of the text, a punctuational structure that is independent of the lexical content of the text and therefore can be manipulated without considering the meaning of the words in the text. The data structure can be a tree in which each node has a textual type such as a paragraph, sentence, clause, phrase, or word. The data structure could alternatively be parallel data sequences, one with codes indicating the text's characters and ...
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    5. System for processing natural language including identifying grammatical rule and semantic concept of an undefined word

      A natural language including Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc., is suitably processed when an undefined word which is not registered in a dictionary appears in an input character train. When the undefined word appears, a semantic analysis processor decides a semantic concept of the undefined word by using a case dictionary. Further, by using a vocabulary hierarchy dictionary, which registers vocabularies in a hierarchy structure, the semantic analysis processor extracts a group of vocabularies (synonyms) corresponding to a lower concept of the semantic concept of the undefined word. The natural language processing can be achieved practically and efficiently with dictionaries of ...
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    6. Natural language processing system

      A natural language arrangement includes stored grammatical rules each having a phrase structure part representing grammatical functions, a semantic part representing the manner of propagation from a superordinate category to a subordinate category, a condition part, and a message part that imposes limitations on a phrase structure rule using the subordinate category as a superordinate category. The grammatical rules are searched and interpreted to generate a phrase structure for a sentence from grammatical function information obtained by interpreting and applying the searched grammatical rules.
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    7. System and method for parsing natural language by unifying lexical features of words

      A method for parsing for natural languages includes a grammar and a lexicon. A knowledge base may be used to define elements in the lexicon. A processor receives single words input by a user and adds them to a sentence under construction. Valid next words are predicted after each received input word. The preferred system has two major components: a parser and a predictor. The predictor accesses only the lexicon and the knowledge base, if one is used, to determine the valid next input words. The parser constructs sentences which are valid according to the grammar out of words accepted ...
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    8. Method of recognizing continuously spoken words

      A method of recognizing continuously spoken words in which, during the speech recognition, speech values derived from the speech signal are compared with comparison values of the individual words of a given vocabulary. In order to reduce the rate of recognition errors, it is essentially known to take into account speech models, which consequently admit only selected sequences of words. From the theory of the formal languages, a class of speech models designated as "context-free grammar" is known, which represents a comparatively flexible speech model. For the use of this speech model in the technical process of recognition of a ...
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    9. Electronic classroom system enabling interactive self-paced learning

      An interactive electronic classroom system for enabling teachers to teach students concepts and to receive immediate feedback regarding how well the students have learned the concepts. Structure is provided for enabling students to proceed in lockstep or at their own pace through exercises and quizzes, responding electronically to questions asked, the teacher being able to receive the responses, and to interpret a readout, in histogram or other graphic display form, of student responses. In a preferred embodiment, a central computer using an IBM AT (tm) compatible system is employed, together with a plurality of student computers which range from simple ...
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    10. Information retrieval system with means for analyzing undefined words in a natural language inquiry

      An information retrieval system is adapted to carry out information retrieval by entering an inquiry sentence in natural language, executing semantic analysis of the natural language inquiry sentence by a semantic analysis unit, and producing a retrieval condition from a result of the semantic analysis. The information retrieval system is provided in its semantic analysis unit with an undefined word processing unit which classifies an undefined word in the inquiry sentence in accordance with a process of producing a retrieval condition from the semantic analysis of other words contained in the inquiry sentence, the undefined word being defined as a ...
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    11. Method and system for language translation

      A machine translation system capable of performing translation at a high processing speed with improved disambiguation rate in the parsing by applying grammar rules in dependence on the domains to which texts to be translated belong, objects of the texts and rules of sentences in the same text. The machine-translation system for translating a first language to a second language uses a grammer memory for storing grammar rules of the first or second language and a main memory for storing a variety of information, wherein the grammar rules stored in the grammar memory are prepared in groups at least on ...
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    12. Natural language processing system

      A natural language processing system for processing an original text by applying grammar rules, includes a grammar rule control table for holding information on applicability of the grammar rules to the original text, the information containing dictionary information associated with words appearing in the original text, and means for determining application or non-applicability application of each grammar rule based on the applicability information. The application conditions for applying each grammar rule are collectively evaluated or examined based on the information on the applicability of the grammar rules contained in the dictionary information and information on the text type, sentence type ...
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    13. Character string identification device with a memory comprising selectively accessible memory areas

      In a character identification device for identifying an input character to produce an identified code, a memory circuit (40) decides a match between the input character and stored characters preliminarily stored therein to produce a character match signal. An encoder (50) encodes the character match signal into the identified code. The memory circuit (40) includes a plurality of memory areas (41 to 44). A memory area selector (54) selects a specific memory area in response to a selection signal produced from a signal producing circuit (52) to supply the input character to the specific memory area. In a character string ...
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    14. Process for the recognition of a continuous flow of spoken words

      Continuous speech recognition assigns predetermined words to syntactic categories and defines the syntactic categories which can follow and precede each predetermined word. The recognition process is achieved by comparing the input sequence of speech signals to reference values and summing those which are syntactically permissible until they form a valid word. Subsequent speech values to previouly calculated valid words are compared to reference values listed in syntactic categories which can follow the predetermined word. For each word, values are updated indicating the current word's sequence number, syntax category, cumulative comparison sum, and the current list of compared words. Values ...
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    15. Method and system for generating lexicon of cooccurrence relations in natural language

      A method and an apparatus for generating/maintaining automatically or interactively a lexicon for storing information of cooccurrence relations utilized for determining whether or not a sequence of words in a given sentence described in a natural language is semantically correct with the aid of a memory, a data processor and a textual sentence file. A hypothesized cooccurrence relation table for storing hypothesized cooccurrence relations each having a high probabliity of being a valid cooccurrence relation is prepared by consulting the file. A hypothesis for the cooccurrence relation is previously established on the basis of a cooccurrence relation pattern indicating ...
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    16. Inference system

      According to this invention, an attribute of an object and a relation of the object with another object is expressed by a paired set of an attribute name and its attribute value. A knowledge base of the frame type is used. In the knowledge base, the attribute of objects and the relation among different objects are expressed in terms of the attribute name/attribute value set, and framed and stored for each objects. The knowledge base is weighted depending on the strength of the attribute of the object and the strength of the relation between different objects. An inference processing ...
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    17. Method and system for information storing and retrieval using word stems and derivative pattern codes representing familes of affixes

      An information storage/retrieval system stores information to be retrieved in a storage device having a first memory and a second memory. The first memory stores therein main records each containing an index word data, a derivative pattern code and information pieces while the second memory stores therein auxiliary records each containing a derivative pattern code and supplemental word data. Each derivative pattern code represents a group of words whose primary parts such as word stem parts are commonly combinable with the same remaining parts such as affix parts. Thus, each index word data is qualified by the accompanying derivative ...
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    18. Content-addressable memory

      A content-addressable memory device for searching the address of an input data is disclosed.The content-addressable memory device comprises:memory means including a matrix of memory cells including a plurality of pairs of columns, the row position of each of the memory cells corresponding to the content of the data, the position of each of the pairs of columns corresponding to the address, the first column of each pair of columns being for storing the data at the exact address and the second column of each pair of columns being for storing the data close to the data stored in ...
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    19. Alternative-value paper refund form

      A single sheet paper form contains upon a first side the complete face of a negotiable instrument, nominally a check. Upon the opposite second side are printed one or more coupons in an image area which is partially overlapping of the oppositely juxtaposed image area of the check upon the first side. Severence of the check from the entire form is required in order to negotiate it, simultaneously dividing the coupon(s) and rendering it (them) unredeemable. Alternatively, severance of the one or more coupons from the entire form is required in order to redeem such coupon(s), simultaneously dividing ...
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    20. Method and apparatus for analyzing the syntactic structure of a sentence

      An automatic syntax analyzing method is applied to a natural language processing system. It includes the step of detecting by dictionary consultation the syntactic category of words forming an inputted sentence and steps of assumptively applying, when the input sentence includes at least a word unregistered in the dictionary section, an adequate category which satisfies a predetermined grammatical regulation of the input sentence to the unregistered word independent of the dictionary consultation.
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    21. String comparator device system circuit and method

      The string comparator device for comparison of strings of indicia at high speeds for use in a system circuit in a computer system. The string comparison device provides a numeric measurement of the degree of similarity between the compared indicia strings as defined by a mathematical algorithm. The algorithm is solved through a new string comparator device or a new program in a computer system. The system circuit in chip form can be connected in a storage loop of a computer system to locate and quickly extract records that are very similar to the supplied query. Inexact queries will rapidly ...
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    22. Polyalkoxy monovinylaromatic compound in copolymerization of a conjugated diene with a monovinyl-substituted aromatic compound

      Polyalkoxy monovinyl substituted aromatic compounds, such as 3,4-dimethoxystyrene, function as both comonomer and randomizing agent in organolithium initiated copolymerization of a conjugated diene with a monovinyl aromatic compound, such as of butadiene with styrene. The resultant polymeric product exhibits lower levels of block styrene than does a corresponding copolymer made in the absence of the dimethoxystyrene.
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    23. Process for preparing polycarbonates

      Extruded films having reduced proneness to stress-cracking, good resistance to casting resins of unsaturated polyesters and no blocking effect and produced from branched aromatic polycarbonates which are the reaction products of aromatic dihydroxy compounds and branching agents having more than three phenolic hydroxyl groups, with polycarbonate precursors. The films are useful as insulating films in the electrical industry.
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