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    1. Linguamatics Announces Expansion of Strategic Collaboration with Pfizer

      Linguamatics Ltd, a leader in natural language processing (NLP) for the life science market, today announced that Pfizer has extended its strategic collaboration with Linguamatics to use the I2E knowledge discovery platform for text mining across their R&D; organization. Pfizer researchers and other decision-makers will use I2E to discover and extract key facts and relationships from internal and ...
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    2. Icwsm Report

      I recently attended ICWSM (International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media), which consisted of an interesting mix of researchers from NLP, Data Mining, Pyschology, Sociology, and Information Sciences. Social media (which defined generally can include blogs, newsgroups, and online communities like facebook, flikr, youtube, del.icio.us) now accounts for the majority of content produced and consumed on the Web. As the area grows in importance, people are getting really interested in finding w
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    3. Randomized controlled trial of an automated problem list with improved sensitivity.

      Related Articles Randomized controlled trial of an automated problem list with improved sensitivity. Int J Med Inform. 2008 Feb 14; Authors: Meystre SM, Haug PJ PURPOSE: To improve the completeness and timeliness of an electronic problem list, we have developed a system using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automatically extract potential medical problems from clinical, free-text documents; these problems are then proposed for inclusion in an electronic problem list management application. METHODS: A prospective randomized controlled evaluation of the Automatic Problem List (APL) system in an intensive care unit and in a cardiovascular surgery unit is reported here. A total ...
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