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    1. Requirements for tools for ambiguity identification and measurement in natural language requirements specifications

      Abstract  This paper proposes a two-step approach to identifying ambiguities in natural language (NL) requirements specifications (RSs). In the first step, a tool would apply a set of ambiguity measures to a RS in order to identify potentially ambiguous sentences in the RS. In the second step, another tool would show what specifically is potentially ambiguous about each potentially ambiguous sentence. The final decision of ambiguity remains with the human users of the tools. The paper describes several requirements-identification experiments with several small NL RSs using four prototypes of the first tool based on linguistic instruments and resources of different ...
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    2. Microsoft BioIT Alliance Health Editors/Science Editors/Technology Editors

      (AP:CAMBRIDGE, England--) (BUSINESS WIRE) _ Jun. 12, 2008--Linguamatics Ltd, a leader in enterprise text mining for the life science and other markets, today announced that it has joined the Microsoft BioIT Alliance, an association of life science organizations and informatics companies whose focus is to enhance collaboration and accelerate the pace of drug discovery and development.
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    3. Polarity Classification of Public Health Opinions in Chinese

      Public health events with major consequences are occurring globally. Increasingly people are expressing their views on these events and government agencies’ responses and policies online. Recent years have seen significant interest in investigating methods to recognize favorable and unfavorable sentiments towards specific subjects, including public health opinions, from online natural language text. However, most of these efforts are focused on English. In this paper, we study Chinese opinion mining in the context of public health opinions. We explore two complementary approaches—a Chinese opinionated word-based approach and a machine learning approach. We also conduct related comparative analysis and discuss the ...
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    4. OntoGame: Weaving the Semantic Web by Online Games

      Most of the challenges faced when building the Semantic Web require a substantial amount of human labor and intelligence. Despite significant advancement in ontology learning and human language technology, the tasks of ontology construction, semantic annotation, and establishing alignments between multiple ontologies remain highly dependent on human intelligence. This means that individuals need to contribute time and sometimes other resources. Unfortunately, we observe a serious lack of user involvement in the aforementioned tasks, which may be due to the absence of motivations for people who contribute. As a novel solution, we (1) propose to masquerade the core tasks of weaving ...
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    5. Seeing Several Stars: A Rating Inference Task for a Document Containing Several Evaluation Criteria

      In this paper we address a novel sentiment analysis task of rating inference. Previous rating inference tasks, which are sometimes referred to as “seeing stars”, estimate only one rating in a document. However reviewers judge not only the overall polarity for a product but also details for it. A document in this new task contains several ratings for a product. Furthermore the range of the ratings is zero to six points (i.e., stars). In other words this task denotes “seeing several stars in a document”. If significant words or phrases for evaluation criteria and their strength as positive or ...
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