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    1. Conversation analysis of asynchronous decentralized media

      The present disclosure provides a system that allows for the real-time and online monitoring of the exchanges between customers and a CRM team over social media. While crawling all messages exchanged over the social media by customers and CRM team, the system aggregates related messages exchanged between a given customer and the CRM team into a conversation. The system includes a linguistic framework for the analysis of conversations (based on the two linguistic theories of dialog acts and conversation analysis) to label the nature of the messages in a conversation or thread.

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    2. Method and system for programmatic analysis of consumer reviews

      Embodiments provide a computer-executable method, computer system and non-transitory computer-readable medium for programmatically analyzing a consumer review. The method includes programmatically accessing, via a network device, one or more consumer reviews for a commercial entity or a commercial object. The method also includes executing a consumer review processing engine to programmatically identify an attribute descriptor in the one or more consumer reviews, and executing the consumer review processing engine to programmatically generate a sentiment score associated with the one or more consumer reviews. The method further includes storing, on a non-transitory computer-readable storage device, the attribute descriptor and the sentiment ...

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    3. Generating Chinese Classical Poems with RNN Encoder-Decoder. (arXiv:1604.01537v1 [cs.CL])

      We take the generation of Chinese classical poem lines as a sequence-to-sequence learning problem, and build a novel system based on the RNN Encoder-Decoder structure to generate quatrains (Jueju in Chinese), with a topic word as input. Our system can jointly learn semantic meaning within a single line, semantic relevance among lines in a poem, and the use of structural, rhythmical and tonal patterns, without utilizing any constraint templates.

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    4. Semantic Properties of Customer Sentiment in Tweets. (arXiv:1603.07624v1 [cs.CL])

      An increasing number of people are using online social networking services (SNSs), and a significant amount of information related to experiences in consumption is shared in this new media form. Text mining is an emerging technique for mining useful information from the web. We aim at discovering in particular tweets semantic patterns in consumers' discussions on social media.

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    5. Recursive Neural Conditional Random Fields for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis. (arXiv:1603.06679v1 [cs.CL])

      Aspect-based sentiment analysis has obtained substantial popularity due to its ability to extract useful information from customer reviews. In most cases, aspect terms in a review sentence have strong relations with opinion terms because an aspect is the target where an opinion is expressed. With this connection, some of the existing work focused on designing syntactic rules to double propagate information between aspect and opinion terms.

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    6. Observing Trends in Automated Multilingual Media Analysis. (arXiv:1603.02604v1 [cs.CL])

      Any large organisation, be it public or private, monitors the media for information to keep abreast of developments in their field of interest, and usually also to become aware of positive or negative opinions expressed towards them. At least for the written media, computer programs have become very efficient at helping the human analysts significantly in their monitoring task by gathering media reports, analysing them, detecting trends and - in some cases - even to issue early warnings or to make predictions of likely future developments. We present here trend recognition-related functionality of the Europe Media Monitor (EMM) system, which was developed ...

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    7. Sentiment Analysis in Scholarly Book Reviews. (arXiv:1603.01595v1 [cs.CL])

      So far different studies have tackled the sentiment analysis in several domains such as restaurant and movie reviews. But, this problem has not been studied in scholarly book reviews which is different in terms of review style and size. In this paper, we propose to combine different features in order to be presented to a supervised classifiers which extract the opinion target expressions and detect their polarities in scholarly book reviews.

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    8. Social dialogue listening, analytics, and engagement system and method

      Embodiments of social media listening, analytics, and engagement systems and method are described herein where a system user may listen to and analyze social media content based on one or more key terms. The system may expand the key terms and listen to additional social media content based on the expanded terms. The system may also enable a user to engage social media participants related to the social media content via multiple campaigns. Other embodiments may be described and claimed.

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    9. Integrating location-based social media data with enterprise business intelligence applications

      Embodiments of an information management system and related methods are disclosed. In some embodiments, the system collects social media contents and metadata from social media networks or other sources. The system then enhances the received social media data with location and other information. Furthermore, the system receives business data and information regarding business goals from a business intelligence platform owned or operated by a business entity. To satisfy the business goals, the system sorts, filters, or otherwise processes the enhanced social media data to extract business intelligence that reflect the sentiment and behavior patterns of social media users in connection ...

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    10. Sentiment analysis in medical settings: New opportunities and challenges.

      Sentiment analysis in medical settings: New opportunities and challenges.

      Sentiment analysis in medical settings: New opportunities and challenges.

      Artif Intell Med. 2015 May;64(1):17-27

      Authors: Denecke K, Deng Y

      Abstract OBJECTIVE: Clinical documents reflect a patient's health status in terms of observations and contain objective information such as descriptions of examination results, diagnoses and interventions.

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    11. Computer implemented methods and apparatus for providing near real-time predicted engagement level feedback to a user composing a social media message

      Disclosed are methods, apparatus, systems, and computer readable storage media for providing near real-time feedback when a user is composing a social media message. The feedback can indicate a predicted level of engagement with the social media message by other users of a social networking system. In some implementations, a prediction model is used to determine a predicted engagement score, which is an approximation of the predicted level of engagement with the social media message by the other users. A computing device can be configured to display a graphical representation of the predicted engagement score in a user interface at ...

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    12. Systems and methods for providing dynamically selected media content items

      Systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable media can identify a set of media content items associated with a first user of a social networking system. It can be determined that a second user of the social networking system is attempting to access at least a portion of the set of media content items associated with the first user. A first subset of media content items can be dynamically selected out of the set of media content items. In some cases, each media content item in the first subset can satisfy specified selection criteria. The second user can be provided with access ...

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    13. Automatic Sarcasm Detection: A Survey. (arXiv:1602.03426v1 [cs.CL])

      Automatic detection of sarcasm has witnessed interest from the sentiment analysis research community. With diverse approaches, datasets and analyses that have been reported, there is an essential need to have a collective understanding of the research in this area. In this survey of automatic sarcasm detection, we describe datasets, approaches (both supervised and rule-based), and trends in sarcasm detection research.

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    14. Publicly Available Online Tool Facilitates Real-Time Monitoring Of Vaccine Conversations And Sentiments.

      Publicly Available Online Tool Facilitates Real-Time Monitoring Of Vaccine Conversations And Sentiments.

      Publicly Available Online Tool Facilitates Real-Time Monitoring Of Vaccine Conversations And Sentiments.

      Health Aff (Millwood). 2016 Feb 1;35(2):341-7

      Authors: Bahk CY, Cumming M, Paushter L, Madoff LC, Thomson A, Brownstein JS

      Abstract Real-time monitoring of mainstream and social media can inform public health practitioners and policy makers about vaccine sentiment and hesitancy.

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    15. Mining Software Quality from Software Reviews: Research Trends and Open Issues. (arXiv:1602.02133v1 [cs.CL])

      Software review text fragments have considerably valuable information about users experience. It includes a huge set of properties including the software quality. Opinion mining or sentiment analysis is concerned with analyzing textual user judgments. The application of sentiment analysis on software reviews can find a quantitative value that represents software quality. Although many software quality methods are proposed they are considered difficult to customize and many of them are limited.

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    16. Using Hadoop for Large Scale Analysis on Twitter: A Technical Report. (arXiv:1602.01248v1 [cs.DB])

      Sentiment analysis (or opinion mining) on Twitter data has attracted much attention recently. One of the system's key features, is the immediacy in communication with other users in an easy, user-friendly and fast way. Consequently, people tend to express their feelings freely, which makes Twitter an ideal source for accumulating a vast amount of opinions towards a wide diversity of topics.

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    17. Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data :A Survey of Techniques. (arXiv:1601.06971v1 [cs.CL])

      With the advancement of web technology and its growth, there is a huge volume of data present in the web for internet users and a lot of data is generated too. Internet has become a platform for online learning, exchanging ideas and sharing opinions. Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ are rapidly gaining popularity as they allow people to share and express their views about topics,have discussion with different communities, or post messages across the world.

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    18. Enhanced answers in DeepQA system according to user preferences

      A semantic search engine is enhanced to employ user preferences to customize answer output by, for a first user, extracting user preferences and sentiment levels associated with a first question; receiving candidate answer results of a semantic search of the first question; weighting the candidate answer results according to the sentiment levels for each of the user preferences; and producing the selected candidate answers to the first user. Optionally, user preferences and sentiment levels may be accumulated over different questions for the same user, or over different users for similar questions. And, supplemental information may be retrieved relative to a ...

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