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    1. J.D. Power and Associates Reports: Green and Fitness-Minded Consumers, and Domestic Duos Utilize the Most Functions ...

      Green consumers, newly married or cohabitated couplesâdubbed "domestic duos"âand fitness-minded consumers utilize more of their wireless phone capabilities than do other behavior groups, thus getting the most functionality out their mobile devices, according to analysis compiled from J.D.
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    2. TectoMT: Modular NLP Framework

      In the present paper we describe TectoMT, a multi-purpose open-source NLP framework. It allows for fast and efficient development of NLP applications by exploiting a wide range of software modules already integrated in TectoMT, such as tools for sentence segmentation, tokenization, morphological analysis, POS tagging, shallow and deep syntax parsing, named entity recognition, anaphora resolution, tree-to-tree translation, natural language generation, word-level alignment of parallel corpora, and other tasks. One of the most complex applications of TectoMT is the English-Czech machine translation system with transfer on deep syntactic (tectogrammatical) layer. Several modules are available also for other languages (German, Russian, Arabic ...
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    3. Translation Unit for Simultaneous Japanese-English Spoken Dialogue Translation

      It is strongly required to develop a simultaneous translation system that supports the smooth cross-lingual communications. We are putting forward a framework for simultaneous translation of incrementally executing detection, translation and generation processing for a translation unit which is smaller than a sentence. In this paper, we propose a translation unit which can be translated independently and immediately. Moreover, we define how to segment a source sentence into the translation units by using a parallel corpus. To confirm that such the translation unit is effective for simultaneous translation, we evaluated the translation unit from the viewpoints of the length and ...
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    4. J.D. Power and Associates Reports: While Consumers at the Opposite Ends of the Age Spectrum Are Strong Advocates of ...

      WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif., June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- When it comes to their approaches to green living, the youngest and oldest consumers are advocacy-oriented, while Gen X and Gen Y moms are more likely to take action and adopt green habits within their households, according to analysis compiled from J.D. Power Tribe Intelligence(SM) Reports. (Logo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20050527/LAF028LOGO-a) J.D. Power Tribe Intelligence examines unsolicited consumer mentions to provide unique persp
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    5. Network analysis of a corpus of undeciphered Indus civilization inscriptions indicates syntactic organization. (arXiv:1005.4997v1 [cs.CL])

      Archaeological excavations in the sites of the Indus Valley civilization (2500-1900 BCE) in Pakistan and northwestern India have unearthed a large number of artifacts with inscriptions made up of hundreds of distinct signs. To date there is no generally accepted decipherment of these sign sequences and there have been suggestions that the signs could be non-linguistic. Here we apply complex network analysis techniques to a database of available Indus inscriptions, with the aim of detecting patterns indicative of syntactic organization. Our results show the presence of patterns, e.g., recursive structures in the segmentation trees of the sequences, that suggest ...
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    6. Method and system for determining text coherence

      A method and system for determining text coherence in an essay is disclosed. A method of evaluating the coherence of an essay includes receiving an essay having one or more discourse elements and text segments. The one or more discourse elements are annotated either manually or automatically. A text segment vector is generated for each text segment in a discourse element using sparse random indexing vectors. The method or system then identifies one or more essay dimensions and measures the semantic similarity of each text segment based on the essay dimensions. Finally, a coherence level is assigned to the essay ...
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    7. Index updating using segment swapping

      An information retrieval system uses phrases to index, retrieve, organize and describe documents. Phrases are extracted from the document collection. Documents are the indexed according to their included phrases, using phrase posting lists. The phrase posting lists are stored in an cluster of index servers. The phrase posting lists can be tiered into groups, and sharded into partitions. Phrases in a query are identified based on possible phrasifications. A query schedule based on the phrases is created from the phrases, and then optimized to reduce query processing and communication costs. The execution of the query schedule is managed to further ...
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    8. Automatic segmentation of clinical texts.

      Related Articles Automatic segmentation of clinical texts. Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2009;2009:5905-8 Authors: Apostolova E, Channin DS, Demner-Fushman D, Furst J, Lytinen S, Raicu D Clinical narratives, such as radiology and pathology reports, are commonly available in electronic form. However, they are also commonly entered and stored as free text. Knowledge of the structure of clinical narratives is necessary for enhancing the productivity of healthcare departments and facilitating research. This study attempts to automatically segment medical reports into semantic sections. Our goal is to develop a robust and scalable medical report segmentation system requiring minimum ...
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    9. Learning Recursive Segments for Discourse Parsing. (arXiv:1003.5372v1 [cs.CL])

      Automatically detecting discourse segments is an important preliminary step towards full discourse parsing. Previous research on discourse segmentation have relied on the assumption that elementary discourse units (EDUs) in a document always form a linear sequence (i.e., they can never be nested). Unfortunately, this assumption turns out to be too strong, for some theories of discourse like SDRT allows for nested discourse units. In this paper, we present a simple approach to discourse segmentation that is able to produce nested EDUs. Our approach builds on standard multi-class classification techniques combined with a simple repairing heuristic that enforces global coherence ...
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