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    1. Automatic content analysis and representation of multimedia presentations

      For use in a multimedia analysis system capable of analyzing the content of multimedia signals, there is disclosed an apparatus and method for creating a multimedia table of contents of videotaped material. In one advantageous embodiment, the apparatus of the present invention comprises a multimedia table of contents controller that is capable of receiving video signals, audio signals, and text signals of said videotaped material, and capable of combining portions of the video signals, audio signals, and text signals to create a table of contents of the videotaped material. The controller is capable of segmenting video signals with both a ...
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    2. Method, computer program product, and system for automatically generating a hierarchial database schema report to facilitate writing application code for accessing hierarchial databases

      A database definition, logical database view, extended field definition and control statement information are accessed to build an in-memory representation of selective information contained therein. Utilizing this in-memory representation, a hierarchical database schema report is automatically generated wherein this hierarchical database schema report may be used to write application code to access the hierarchical database without further need to utilize the database definition, the extended field definition, the logical database view or any combination thereof.
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    3. Method for segmenting non-segmented text using syntactic parse

      Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and apparatus for segmenting text by providing orthographic and inflectional variations to a syntactic parser. Under the present invention, possible segments are first identified in the sequence of characters. At least two of the identified segments overlap each other. For at least one of the segments, an alternative sequence of characters is identified. In some cases, this alternative sequence is formed through inflectional morphology, which identifies a different lexical form for a word identified by the segment. In some cases, the alternative sequence represents an orthographic variant of a word identified by ...
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    4. Method for improving results in an HMM-based segmentation system by incorporating external knowledge

      A Hidden Markov model is used to segment a data sequence. To reduce the potential for error that may result from the Markov assumption, the Viterbi dynamic programming algorithm is modified to apply a multiplicative factor if a particular set of states is re-entered. As a result, structural domain knowledge is incorporated into the algorithm by expanding the state space in the dynamic programming recurrence. In a specific example of segmenting resumes, the factor is used to reward or penalize (even require or prohibit) a segmentation of the resume that results in the re-entry into a section such as Experience ...
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    5. Automated segmentation, information extraction, summarization, and presentation of broadcast news

      A technique for automated analysis of multimedia, such as, for example, a news broadcast. A Broadcast News Editor and Broadcast News Navigator system analyze, select, condense, and then present news summaries. The system enables not only viewing a hierarchical table of contents of the news, but also summaries tailored to individual needs. This is accomplished through story segmentation and proper name extraction which enables the use of common information retrieval methodologies, such as Web browsers. Robust segmentation processing is provided using multistream analysis on imagery, audio, and closed captioned stream cue events.
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    6. Natural language processing methods and systems

      Scheme for enriching an input network with knowledge from a fractal semantic knowledge network. The input network comprises objects and pointers between these objects, and the knowledge network comprises semantic units, and a plurality of Jani, whereby any of these Jani is associated with one or more of the semantic units such that the respective Janus is able to operate on one or more of the semantic units. The following steps are carried out: finding a counterpart element for an object or a pointer by looking for a semantic unit that is related to the object or the pointer; establishing ...
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    7. System and method for the automatic discovery of salient segments in speech transcripts

      A system and associated method automatically discover salient segments in a speech transcript and focus on the segmentation of an audio/video source into topically cohesive segments based on Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) transcriptions. The word n-grams are extracted from the speech transcript using a three-phase segmentation algorithm based on the following sequence or combination of boundary-based and content-based methods: a boundary-based method; a rate of arrival of feature method; and a content-based method. In the first two segmentation passes, the temporal proximity and the rate of arrival of features are analyzed to compute an initial segmentation. In the third ...
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    8. Method and system for recognizing end-user transactions

      A method and system are described for end-user transaction recognition based on server data such as sequences of remote procedure calls (RPCs). The method may comprise machine-learning techniques for pattern recognition such as Bayesian classification, feature extraction mechanisms, and a dynamic-programming approach to segmentation of RPC sequences. The method preferably combines information-theoretic and machine-learning approaches. The system preferably includes a learning engine and an operation engine. A learning engine may comprise a data preparation subsystem (feature extraction) and a Bayes Net learning subsystem (model construction). The operation engine may comprise transaction segmentation and transaction classification subsystems.
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    9. Creating audio-centric, image-centric, and integrated audio-visual summaries

      Systems and methods create high quality audio-centric, image-centric, and integrated audio-visual summaries by seamlessly integrating image, audio, and text features extracted from input video. Integrated summarization may be employed when strict synchronization of audio and image content is not required. Video programming which requires synchronization of the audio content and the image content may be summarized using either an audio-centric or an image-centric approach. Both a machine learning-based approach and an alternative, heuristics-based approach are disclosed. Numerous probabilistic methods may be employed with the machine learning-based learning approach, such as naive Bayes, decision tree, neural networks, and maximum entropy. To ...
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    10. Chinese word segmentation apparatus

      A Chinese word segmentation apparatus relates to processing of a Chinese sentence input to a computer. A character-to-phonetic converter of the segmentation apparatus initially converts a Chinese sentence into a phonetic symbol string while referring to a character phonetic dictionary and a ductionary for characters with different pronunciations. Thereafter, a candidate word-selector refers to a system dictionary to retrieve all of the possible candidate characters or words in the phonetic symbol string and relevant information, such as frequency of use, using the phonetic symbols as indexing terms. Unfeasible candidate characters or words are discarded. Subsequently, an optimum candidate character string-decider ...
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    11. Dynamically delivering, displaying document content as encapsulated within plurality of capsule overviews with topic stamp

      A method and system for the dynamic presentation of the contents of a plurality of documents on a display is disclosed. The method and system comprises receiving a plurality of documents and providing a plurality of topically rich capsule overviews corresponding to the plurality of documents. Each capsule overview is a representation of the core content of the corresponding document. The method and system also includes displaying each of the plurality of capsule overviews and dynamically delivering document content encapsulated in the plurality of capsule overviews.
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    12. Method for verifying record code prior to an action based on the code

      A method to be used with a processor and at least a first record, the processor capable of facilitating at least a sub-set of possible record modifications including copying, moving, altering and deleting, the processor having access to characteristic sets which correspond to record codes, at least a first segment of the first record having characteristics that match a first characteristic set which distinguishes the first segment from other record segments, the first record also including a first record code which can be used by the processor and other processors to distinguish the first segment from other record segments, at ...
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    13. Method for segmentation of text

      A computerized method, and a corresponding apparatus, for segmentation of a stream of text elements comprising analyzed tokens into one or more initial clauses is disclosed. In the method, a predetermined number of consecutive text elements of said stream of text elements are scanned, starting from a given position. The predetermined number of consecutive text elements are compared with each pattern of a set of patterns for beginnings of initial clauses, and a beginning of an initial clause is identified in the predetermined number of consecutive text elements, if the predetermined number of consecutive text elements match one pattern of ...
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    14. Computer method and apparatus for segmenting text streams

      Computer method and apparatus for segmenting text streams is disclosed. Given is an input text stream formed of a series of words. A probability member provides working probabilities that a group of words is of a topic selected from a plurality of predetermined topics. The probability member accounts for relationships between words. A processing module receives the input text stream and using the probability member determines probability of certain words in the input text stream being of a same topic. As such, the processing module segments the input text stream into single topic groupings of words, where each grouping is ...
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    15. System and method for incorporating concept-based retrieval within boolean search engines

      Disclosed is a method for linguistic pattern recognition of information. Initially, textual information is retrieved from a data source utilizing a network. The textual information is then segmented into a plurality of phrases, which are then scanned for patterns of interest. For each pattern of interest found a corresponding event structure is built. Event structures that provide information about essentially the same incident are then merged.
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    16. Method and apparatus for making predictions about entities represented in documents

      A method and apparatus is disclosed for making predictions about entities represented in documents and for information analysis of text documents or the like, from a large number of such documents. Predictive models are executed responsive to variables derived from canonical documents to determine documents containing desired attributes or characteristics. The canonical documents are derived from standardized documents, which, in turn, are derived from original documents.
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    17. Method and system for reducing lexical ambiguity

      A method and system for reducing lexical ambiguity in an input stream are described. In one embodiment, the input stream is broken into tokens. The tokens are used to create a connection graph comprising a number of paths. Each of the paths is assigned a cost. At least one best path is defined based upon a corresponding cost to generate an output graph. The generated output graph is provided to reduce lexical ambiguity.
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    18. Method and system for video browsing and editing by employing audio

      A system for browsing and editing video, in accordance with the present invention, includes a video source for providing a video document which includes audio information, and an audio classifier coupled to the video source, the audio classifier being adapted to classify audio segments of the audio information into a plurality of classes. An audio spectrogram generator is coupled to the video source for generating spectrograms for the audio information to check that the audio segments have been identified correctly by the audio classifier. A browser is coupled to the audio classifier for searching the classified audio segments for editing ...
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    19. Proper name identification in chinese

      A word segmentation method to identify proper names in input text includes locating a sequence of single-characters in the input text not forming part of a multiple-character word. The method further includes comparing the sequence of single-characters to a lexical knowledge base to identify if a first portion of the sequence corresponds to stored identifiable portions of a proper name, and comparing the sequence of single-characters to the lexical knowledge base to identify if a second portion of the sequence proximate the first portion includes characters known to comprise a second portion of a proper name. Instructions can be provided ...
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    20. Parameterized word segmentation of unsegmented text

      The present invention segments a non-segmented input text. The input text is received and segmented based on parameter values associated with parameterized word formation rules. In one illustrative embodiment, the input text is processed into a form which includes parameter indications, but which preserves the word-internal structure of the input text. Thus, the parameter values can be changed without entirely re-processing the input text.
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    21. Word segmentation in chinese text

      The present invention provides a facility for selecting from a sequence of natural language characters combinations of characters that may be words. The facility uses indications, for each of a plurality of characters, of (a) the characters that occur in the second position of words that begin with the character and (b) the positions in which the character occurs in words. For each of a plurality of contiguous combinations of characters occurring in the sequence, the facility determines whether the character occurring in the second position of the combination is indicated to occur in words that begin with the character ...
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    22. System for organizing videos based on closed-caption information

      A system for organizing digital videos to archive and access them at different levels of abstraction uses data available from a closed-caption text along with off-the-shelf natural language processing tools to segment the video into self-contained story sections and speaker blocks. If the subject changes are marked, the system uses these points to divide the video into distinct stories which are represented as nodes attached to the root node in a tree structure and groups speaker segments belonging to a story under the story node as its children.
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    23. Method For Dynamically Delivering Contents Encapsulated With Capsule Overviews Corresonding To The Plurality Of Documents, Resolving Co-Referentiality Related To Frequency Within Document, Determining Topic Stamps For Each Document Segments

      A method for the dynamic presentation of the contents of a plurality of documents on a display is disclosed. The method comprises receiving a plurality of documents and providing a plurality of topically rich capsule overviews corresponding to the plurality of documents. The method also includes dynamically delivering document content encapsulated in the plurality of capsule overviews. In so doing, the method in accordance with the present invention can present thematic capsule overviews of the documents to users. The capsule overviews, delivered in a variety of dynamic presentation modes, allow the user to quickly get a sense of what a ...
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