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    1. The burgeoning business of helping people save

      The burgeoning business of helping people save By May 11 2017, 2:38pm EDT More in Print Reprints Share Share on I now know I’ll be able to retire when I’m 87. I know this because I signed up for a new app called Wela that uses account aggregation and artificial intelligence to analyze money coming in and going out of my accounts. It lets me know when my daily spending is out of line, and it tells me how I'm doing relative to my stated financial goals.

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    2. BankAI

      Print Share Share on BankAI : The next revolution in financial services is one that promises to improve customer service and make it more efficient, reduce fraud, reduce manual processing and allow for more reliable authentication. And yes, take humans’ jobs. Artificial intelligence in its many forms: predictive analytics, machine learning, natural language processing, robotic process automation, chatbots and more, are making news in just about every major U.S. bank.

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    3. All the ways AI will slash Wall Street jobs

      All the ways AI will slash Wall Street jobs By March 16 2017, 3:23pm EDT More in Anyone who’s visited the New York Stock Exchange lately knows technology has already taken a toll on Wall Street jobs. And the decimation is only going to continue as the artificial intelligence industry booms. By 2025, AI technologies will reduce employees in the capital markets worldwide by 230,000 people, according to a report from Opimas that came out last week.

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    4. As chatbots take hold, banks have their pick of styles

      As chatbots take hold, banks have their pick of styles 4:28pm There's been a lot of chatter in banking circles lately about chatbots. Of course, as with most things in nascent technology, that chatter is a bit divided on whether chatbots are ready for primetime. Barclays , Societe Generale, USAA , BBVA, and Capital One have begun actively experimenting with them. Bank of America has said it will roll out a chatbot named "erica" this year.

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    5. Bring on the Bots

      Bring on the Bots

      What Will Banking Look Like in Five Years? Artificial intelligence is moving from science fiction to practical reality fast. AI — technology that teaches machines to learn so they can perform cognitive tasks and interact with people — is suddenly accessible to many companies. Costs associated with the advanced computing and data-storage hardware behind AI are plummeting.

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    6. Citi Exploring Uses of IBM's Watson Computers

      Print Reprints Email Remember Watson, the lovably brainy IBM computer that competed on Jeopardy! and comically mispronounced words but beat the human contestants at the game? IBM has been trying to sell the technology packed into Watson — a combination of search, natural language processing and business intelligence tools combing millions of scanned documents and web pages — to banks during the year since the Jeopardy! episodes aired. The first
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