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    1. Age of AI arrives

      Age of AI arrives

      Artificial Intelligence – AI – is one of the most talked about developments in technology at the moment. From the creation of machines that are indistinguishable from humans, to the supposed threat of hundreds of thousands of jobs being taken by robots, AI is not only being talked about, but it is also becoming reality in the workplace.

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    2. GCC Government IT: Directions for 2017

      GCC Government IT: Directions for 2017

      Government IT organisations in the GCC are facing one of their most challenging periods in recent history, with the demand for digital transformation building up on the one hand, while low oil prices and political uncertainty are placing exceptional pressure on budgets on the other. .GOV asked leading analysts from the region how they believe that government IT teams will manage the new reality of public sector IT in 2017.

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    3. Paving the way forward

      Paving the way forward

      The start of a New Year always brings with it fresh opportunities and challenges to tackle, whether at an individual level, or for enterprise aiming to break into new territory. This is tempered of course by the high expectations of the market, as is the case with the global information technology market. Building off a dynamic 2016 year, which saw great advances in automation, big data, IoT, cloud, and artificial intelligence (AI), to name a few, expectations for IT continues to soar skyward.

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