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    1. The Fortune Future 50: In Search of 'Vital' Companies

      The Fortune Future 50: In Search of 'Vital' Companies

      In Search of 'Vital' Companies Today’s complex business environment demands a new approach for identifying tomorrow's winners. How do you keep the vitality of Day One, even inside a large organization? —Amazon.com’s Jeff Bezos, in a 2016 CEO letter to shareholders If you’re looking for a model of a big company that retains the dynamism of a startup, Amazon.com amzn is a good place to start. Why?

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    2. AI Threat To Humanity Exaggerated, One Scientist Says

      AI Threat To Humanity Exaggerated, One Scientist Says

      Why At Least One AI Expert Isn't Worried About AI taking Over What humans may do wrong with AI-that's another question. By Adam Lashinsky October 18, 2017 This article first appeared in Data Sheet, Fortune’s daily newsletter on the top tech news. Sign up here . The machines are coming after us. Elon Musk repeatedly warns us to be very afraid. Masayoshi Son is so convinced of the coming “singularity” that he’s busy buying up stakes in companies with enough of the right data.

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    3. Mattel: Can a Tech Makeover Save the Toy Industry?

      I’m not sure what I expected: Hot-pink, bejeweled furniture in the lobby? Race-car tracks coiling through the hallways? Perhaps a gaggle of elfin employees, scootering in and out of meeting rooms on mint-colored mini-Vespas with blueprints for next season’s must-have toys? I found no such frivolities—or merriment of any other sort—at Mattel’s corporate headquarters in El Segundo, Calif.

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    4. Google I/O 2017: Sundar Pichai Talks Speech Recognition Tech

      Google CEO Sundar Pichai claimed this week that his company’s speech recognition technology was the most accurate in the land, attaining a 4.9% error rate. That means that Google’s technology—which consumers can tap into via their Google Home appliances or Google Assistant on mobile devices—gets 19 out of 20 words right. The news came out of the Google I/O tech conference on Wednesday. Get Data Sheet, Fortune’s technology newsletter.

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    5. Microsoft Debuts Another Wise-Cracking Chatbot

      Microsoft Debuts Another Wise-Cracking Chatbot

      © 2016 Time Inc. All rights reserved. Microsoft Debuts Another Wise-Cracking Chatbot Microsoft is giving it another go at releasing experimental chatbots into the wild. The technology giant is testing a new chatbot named Zo on the social instant messaging app Kik, according to a Monday report by technology website MSPoweruser . A chatbot is a type of software program that users can communicate and interact with via writing or speaking.

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    6. A Vc's Perspective: This Is What Gets Me to Invest

      A Vc's Perspective: This Is What Gets Me to Invest

      This article is part of Tools of the Trade , a weekly series in which a variety of experts share actionable tips for achieving fast and effective results on everything from productivity to fundraising. This week Shawn Carolan explains the single element that unites all great consumer technology companies. Carolan is the managing director of the venture capital firm Menlo Ventures. It was September 2011 and I needed to get from my San Francisco office to dinner.

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    7. Udacity Partners with IBM, Amazon for Artificial Intelligence 'Degree'

      Artificial intelligence, the machine learning technology that allows “smart” machines to take over human tasks like driving cars or ordering pizza, is quickly becoming the go-to technology for many industries to hire talent for, including health care, auto, and finance. Research firm Markets and Markets estimates the AI market will grow to more than $5 billion by 2020, given the rising adoption of AI across these industries.

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    8. IBM Executive David Kenny on Watson: Not So Elementary

      Photograph by Winni Wintermeyer for Fortune October 21, 2016, 6:30 AM EDT IBM Watson: Not So Elementary Five years after its Jeopardy! victory, IBM’s cognitive computing system is through playing games. It’s now a hired gun for thousands of companies in at least 20 industries. A Q&A with the Watson boss. David Kenny took the helm of IBM’s Watson Group ibm in February, after Big Blue acquired The Weather Company, where Kenny had served as CEO.

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    9. AI Partnership Launched by Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM, and Microsoft

      © 2016 Time Inc. All rights reserved. AI Partnership Launched by Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM, and Microsoft Five tech giants announced on Wednesday that they are launching a nonprofit to “advance public understanding” of artificial intelligence and to formulate “best practices on the challenges and opportunities within the field.” The Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society is being formed by Amazon , Facebook , Google , IBM , and Microsoft , each of which will have a representative on the group’s 10-member board. The partnership will conduct research and recommend best practices relating to “ethics, fairness and inclusivity; transparency, privacy, and interoperability ...

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    10. Why Deep Learning Is Suddenly Changing Your Life

      September 28, 2016, 5:00 PM EDT Why Deep Learning Is Suddenly Changing Your Life Decades-old discoveries are now electrifying the computing industry and will soon transform corporate America. Over the past four years, readers have doubtlessly noticed quantum leaps in the quality of a wide range of everyday technologies. Most obviously, the speech-recognition functions on our smartphones work much better than they used to. When we use a voice command to call our spouses, we reach them now.

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    11. Here Are More Details on Salesforce's Plan to Smarten Up Sales and Marketing Software

      © 2016 Time Inc. All rights reserved. Here Are More Details on Salesforce’s Plan to Smarten Up Sales and Marketing Software Salesforce , which has been dribbling out details of its grand plan to add artificial intelligence to its sales-and-marketing software for weeks, did a bigger reveal Sunday, a few weeks before its Dreamforce event and— not coincidentally —just as rival Oracle kicked off its annual Oracle OpenWorld tech conference. The timing is probably not a coincidence .

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    12. Why Evernote Is Giving Up on Its Data Centers for Google Cloud

      Evernote, which has run its cloud-based services from its own data centers since launching in 2008, is moving completely over to Google Cloud Platform, the two companies announced on Tuesday. “We hope after December, we won’t be in our own data centers any more,” says Anirbin Kundu , Evernote’s chief technology officer, in an interview with Fortune . Evernote offers a popular note-taking and content aggregation application.

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    13. Microsoft Is Opening a Vancouver Lab for Some of Its Biggest Projects

      Microsoft Is Opening a Vancouver Lab for Some of Its Biggest Projects

      Microsoft is expanding its reach in Canada. The technology giant said on Friday that it opened a new engineering center in Vancouver, British Columbia. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attended the opening of the new facility, dubbed the Microsoft Canada Excellence Centre (MCEC). The new engineering outpost is expected to eventually employ over 750 people, according to Microsoft.

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